Happy Spring Equinox?! Get ready for fireworks, before April Fools Day

Yesterday, here in Green Acres Village.  felt way more spring-like —

— than this morning. Poor daffodils!

We were warned that a hard rain was gonna fall, and that it might turn into freezing rain. All of which came to pass, overnight.

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering, this special day does herald the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. Supposedly the precise time is 12:15 p.m. EDT, but when I put that time into my astro program the Sun was at 29°59 Pisces, just prior to Spring Equinox. Adjusting it to 12:16 pm EDT brought the correct moment, 0°00 Aries. So then, let’s assume, by the way we reckon the passage of “time” as humans on earth, that the Spring Equinox moment, when the world, for a single nanosecond, in tipping from one season to another, poised in complete balance, between darkness and light, between seeming death and new life, happened somewhere between 12:15 and 12:16 p.m.

Not there yet. It’s 11:40 a.m.

But when the 12:16 pm spring equinox moment does arrive I shall be sitting in meditation on the floor with a small altar,thanking Mother Earth and  her cosmic neighbors for winter’s long hidden mysterious, pregnant “death,” when her aliveness stills, goes underground, waiting, waiting, patiently, before squirming to surface again in glorious abundance. We are at that turning point now, today. And I, and millions of others, both human and animal, consciously or unconsciously rejoice in the coming of  spring.

Here’s the chart:

By far the chart’s most striking aspect is that the Sun at 0°00 Aries is within one degree of being exactly square to Mars at 1°42 Capricorn, which itself has just on Sunday, March 16, entered that sign where primordial Pluto and serious Saturn hover, in the background.

My prediction? Expect fireworks. Courage. Direct action. Especially look for it as the Sun squares Saturn on March 29; approaches and then crosses Mercury, Venus, Eris, and Uranus, between April 5 and 17th; and squares Pluto April 15.  And look for it when Mars crosses over first Saturn, April 1-2, then squares Venus/Mercury mid-April, and Uranus early May. 

Courageous Sun in fiery impulsive Aries crossing Venus/Mercury, illumination, communication; then crossing Uranus: unexpected, surprise. Squaring Saturn, then squaring Pluto, busting open old forms, traditions, established structures.

God of war, courageous Mars, but in serious, conservative Capricorn: Direct, forceful action (Mars) long planned in advance (Capricorn, Saturn) and with profound reverberations to established structures (Pluto).

I draw all these implications and their timing, punctuating especially the end of March through mid-April, then again, early May, from this single intensely strong aspect occurring on Spring Equinox, the clashing 90° square between Sun and Mars, between the individual (Aries) and the collective (Capricorn), or, in philosophical terms, the dynamic interplay between The One and the Many; and how this one aspect plays out in combination with six other planets in the same Spring Equinox chart. 

Hold on to your seats folks, for, as Qanon puts it, BOOM BOOM BOOM. And meanwhile, what is your part in this uprising of spring, 2018? Who, as an individual, are you? And what is your purpose in the collective? We are all needed, all necessary. Can’t just sit there and wait for it to be over. We need to intend what we want, intend both processes and outcomes for the good of the whole; based on our clear focused goals, let us then activate our beautiful precious lives to move them into manifestation.

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2 Responses to Happy Spring Equinox?! Get ready for fireworks, before April Fools Day

  1. Anthony says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty chilling chart all right – especially knowing the elite’s favorite “helliday” season begins Thursday (3/22 – 5/1). It looks like a month of Stundays just hit the calendar.

    As for my part in all this? It’s probably the same for all of us who have been “red-pilled”, as you call it. Being alone in a sea of the blue-pilled means that we will be leaned on for help and guidance once the sky turns red. All that I have done has been towards that end. It will definitely be a trying time!!

    Now is the time to finish your preps! And prepare to witness the perp walks!!

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