The morphing of exopermaculture

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I certainly have. The direction in which my work on exopermaculture appears to be sliding, subtly and inexorably, towards a more extended focus on the inner life. While I subtitled this blog originally, “Bridging Above and Below,” and then a while later (when?) shifted it include another word — “Bridging/Blending Above and Below” — perhaps now I should add another phrase to make it read “Bridging/Blending Above and Below, Without and Within” Of course, this inside/outside focus has been there all along, but now, just now, post-AKID, it becomes pressing.

As Saturn takes this entire year of 2018 to criss-cross over my natal Venus/Mercury in early Capricorn for the first time in 30 years, so have I swerved from mostly re-posting and commenting on the “outside” world of geopolitics and goings on in Green Acres Village  to the inside world of what was going on within me back then, 30 years go! I feel this endeavor as a treasure of meaning that I am unusually fortunate to be able to mine, due to the fact that I have been “awake” for so many decades and meanwhile, documenting so much of my life in language.

The years 1987-1989 were especially crucial, and not just because Saturn crossed Venus/Mercury and directed an enormous stream of written work from my heart and spirit, through my brain, to my hands on the keyboard, but because that was also the time when Uranus and Neptune were beginning to crisscross from late Sagittarius (where my Sagittarian Sun resides) into the early Capricorn area of the zodiac — for the first time in 170 years! That historic Neptune/Uranus conjunction, which, in the external world, saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, actually had its full flowering between 1990 and 1996.

Amazingly enough, except for Rebecca, who is closer to my age, all seven of the others who live in this three-home Green Acres Village were born during those years of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This is the generation that is are charged with bringing in the new visionary structure for civilization. And I am privileged enough to live with them.

And now, in 2018, I’m bringing out the written work from my own life during this period when Saturn is again crisscrossing through Capricorn, beginning to share writings composed during that storied time with the world via this blog.

Do our young podmates read them? I know some do. But so what? Who does or does not read my work is not up to me. I’m simply here to share, and deeply grateful that I am alive and awake and privileged enough to be able to go back through my “old” work to find the nuggets worth treasuring.

And what astonishes me: I have yet to find anything from my old finished written work that is not a nugget worth treasuring! For example, beginning yesterday, I am putting into a word doc an essay (originally a presentation to the Wyoming Psychological Association) which I will post hopefully later today, A METAPHYSICAL APPROACH TO ADDICTION.

At breakfast, I pulled out another old document, nearly book length.

DOING THE DISHES: Refracting Personal History through the Lens of Daily Ritual

I read through this old manuscript in two hours. And frankly, it blows my friggin’ mind, as we used to say. And, I need to repeat again, this is not bragging. For who I am now is not the woman I used to be. My own life has been one of constant evolutionary change. The gap between me-now and the me of one Saturn return ago, 30 years ago, is wide and deep. Her memories contained details I am no longer privy to, and she had her own linguistic capacity for portraying both them and the larger meanings she was gleaning.

I have lost some of that linguistic capacity in the interim; not sure whether that’s due to my age, 75, or to the accelerating fracturization — no, let’s call that disintegration — of our culture, so that memes and sound bites substitute for understanding and communication — or both. Probably both. In any case, I deeply I treasure these old,  extended reflections from the goldmine of meaning that any of us, when we awaken to the larger awareness within which we are all embedded, can recover — especially if we have managed to express ourselves fully all along — in words, images, dance, projects, relationships, etc. all of which leave traces in the akashic records that then, continue to color what comes next.

Though my usual medium is words, once in a while I’ve attempted to work with images. Here’s a quick sketch I drew while living in the yurt in Jackson Hole Wyoming, a time when both of the pieces I’m now working with were composed.

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3 Responses to The morphing of exopermaculture

  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Very interesting sketch. Please save it for when I can visit with you in Bloomington again. TKU for recognizing the next generation as being more aware than our generation. I’ve come across 3 interesting books this month which all say we need to change the way we’re living do to the harm that capitalism has wrought. ‘Ecology and Socialism’ by Chris Williams, ‘Viking Economics’ by George Lakey and now I hear Bill McKibben has a new book about returning to our village way of life.

  2. I was telling David while reading snippets of the addictions essay to him how brilliant you are. It’s time to get this work out there again. It’s amazing how right on so much writing from the 80’s seems right now. Maybe it’s the Saturn cycle, or maybe life is proving how right you all were.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow, thanks Laura!

      Time loops and loops and loops . . .

      I had the same reaction to what I presented at a meeting at the INEEL (Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory), an enormous place in the southern Idaho desert that houses I think it is 65 small nuclear reactors. I remember going there with a high school class in the ’50s, and being struck by the clear blue light in the water of the reactor. Described my feelings about what is happening out there to the group assembled, my early childhood experiences, my sensation of wonder at the desert expanse, on and on, very emotional, back when I was in my 30s, I think it was. I was given a VERY WIDE BERTH by all the attendees afterwards.

      As my teacher used to say, “if you’re not causing a wake behind you, you’re not doing anything.”

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