A.K. Reader: My ten week journey to ignite a national conversation that we still need to have (2007)

And see yesterday’s prelude.

Here’s a pdf draft of the TVB blog series; “draft” in that its formatting and cover and introductory material will probably change. But the text is all there, written on the fly from July 25 through September 30, 2007 in friends’ homes and internet cafes over a nearly 9000 mile road trip through seven western states. A rollicking, at times exceedingly shocking and dangerous, but usually heartwarmingly intense and multivalent journey in which I introduce others to my own “conscious grieving” process by reading from the book I created several years after that first year spent in solitude, and inviting them, both friends and strangers, sitting in circles with me on 28 different occasions, to speak of their own, usually hidden grief and loss, and the often miraculous phenomena that attend them.

From the final post:

“I do think something has been initiated with this epic journey; it certainly started something in me, and may have reached further. . . a seed that dug itself into the ground of our cultural space and set in motion an invisible spiraling of energy out into the many dimensions, most of them both palpable and invisible.”

TVB blog series draft


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