Megyn Kelly vs. Vladimir Putin: Round Two. Same result.

I wouldn’t even bring up this silly sparring match — again — except that it illustrates so excruciatingly well the incessant and absurd propaganda drive of the U.S. media to make sure Russia stays as Enemy Number One.

So if you’d rather skip this post, I don’t blame you!

The full video is three hours long. Gag. I decided skim quickly through the  full transcript of this disgusting new interview instead, rather than watch bottle blonde Megyn Kelly try to redeem herself as a macho MSM U.S. journalist with Putin. She failed, as expected, miserably.

Here’s the full video, if you don’t mind squirming with disgust the way this U.S. media puppet tries to position herself with Putin, who runs circles around her, again.

I marvel at Putin’s forbearance in the face of constant harping on what is not and never was, and even if it was, then not relevant, and, as he says, many times in the interview, when faced with the same kind of pig-headed questions about Russians and the U.S. elections, “So what?” I’m glad for the entire transcript. I wonder how many thoughtful people will be able to even skim through that without puking.

Here’s the snarky piece I put up on the first interview, back on June 5, 2017. Something about this woman just makes my blood boil. Okay, Okay, you say, my shadow is showing. To which I answer, a la Putin, “So what?” At least you know what my shadow looks like!

Image vs. Essence: Megyn Kelly tries to take on Vladimir Putin

Here’s Ray McGovern on the same topic. YES! He wonders why Putin would subject himself again to such idiocy, and then surmises that Putin was probably glad that Megyn stopped by, because another interview with her was bound to help him in his run up to the Russian elections. Reminds me of the way Trump works: get publicity by allowing the opposition to make fools of themselves.

NBC’s Clueless Boost for Putin

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