Green Acres Village, early March, inside/outside: dinner plus “Trump astrology” presentation; planting in soil below, and unfortunately, poisons from above

Village Rhythms, early March: Inside/Outside, Below — and unfortunately — Above

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  1. rose day says:

    Love the updates Ann . . . lots of vibrant energy totally comes across!

    Re: Those pesky chem-trails . . . I’ve noticed that the pilots appear to have a real penchant for Xs in the sky and can’t help but think of the Wicked Witch in Oz and her broom-bound sky-writing . . . specifically, ‘Kill Dorothy’. (At this stage I am mining humor wherever I can yet also wonder at times if this is perhaps yet another example of foretelling and hiding in plain sight.)

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Anne,

    Those sure are some nice chemtrails you got there, alright! But they can be transmuted, if not stopped – have you ever heard of Wilhelm Reich? He was supposedly the guy who discovered the ‘regenerative’ effects of orgasms, and most of the books you find on him regards his work in that field. However: he later discovered a way to generate “orgone”, or life-force energy – and the government incarcerated him; destroyed all of his work (over 6 tons of it), and ultimately killed him for his discoveries. He was more influential than Tesla, but few ever heard of him.

    Anyway: after trying to go to authorities to report what I was seeing in my laboratory regarding fish deaths in my tests (I am a Biologist in charge of the Toxicology dept. in a California laboratory) and having my e-mail intercepted; physical mail opened; and both my computer and cell phone remotely destroyed when I tried to contact Dane Wigington of Geoengineering,com (which may have been a blessing actually, as he is totally on-board with the global-warming carbon-tax meme) – I discovered Wilhelm’s research and found someone who makes what are called “Orgone pucks” (via Laura Bruno).

    After getting those pucks, I noticed that I no longer had problems with my electric power meters mounted on the outside of my bedroom wall (they used to interrupt my sleep), then I found that there was a couple here in California that “gifts” cell-phone towers and other sources of radiation with orgone – and everywhere they went, right after they did this, it rained! After their mega-campaign in the fall of 2016 up and down the north coast, we had the rains of the century in Cal. That couple’s website is here:

    (and they sell orgone too).

    The stuff WORKS! And it’s not only cheap, it’s something that can be made relatively easily at home.

    Take care!

    – Anthony

    (p.s. I posted this earlier but the forum looks different – must have been through your other link above. Not trying to spam!!)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’ve got some little pucks here, too. Haven’t really investigated them, except to place them between me and my ipad on the bed when I sleep, and make sure they’re on the desk with the computer, etc. Thanks for the reminder! And yes, of course I know about Reich. One of my heroes from way back.

      • Anthony says:

        As an FYI since you’re a gardener, I’d never thought to use them beyond their microwave-busting properties until I read that couple’s blog above and saw they got some interesting results with plants, as well as deconstructing chemtrails.

        I live in the city with small front and back yards, and the drought nearly killed off every blade of grass and hedge I had. So I got some pucks and spread them around, and now I not only have lush grass and hedges – I also now have bees, birds, cats, wild turkeys, skunks, worms, rats, squirrels, hornets, possums, raccoons, ants, gophers, lizards, centipedes, beetles and salamanders!! Your mileage may vary, should you dare experiment the same 🙂

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