Anatomy of the Deep State?

I have subscribed to  twice daily news updates for a few months now, and find them compelling. And even though this transcript of a Soleri interview with “Thomas Paine” (aka Douglas Gabriel) was extremely long, and I merely skimmed its contents, Paine’s unbelievably dense, informative, and complex analysis of how a mere “three dozen people”  hold the strings of the so-called Deep State held me riveted all the way through.

Which makes me wonder, and even worry: what will happen to all the blue-pilled “true believers” if Hillary finally gets what she deserves? As my friend Claudia said today, “Hillary will go down in history as an archvillain.” Exactly. Yet, as I told Claudia, I’m concerned that people are so identified in the “certainty” of their own “progressive,” “Democratic” political views, not to mention their own sanctimonious hatred of Trump, that Trump’s wrecking ball may decimate not only their belief system, but, since they personally identify with what they think, then their very identity gets suckerpunched in the gut. 

“Pride goeth before a fall.” And yet pride tends to hold on, even during and after the fall. Can you imagine Hillary lovers ever saying, “Wow, I was wrong! Glad to know the truth!” Never going to happen. Instead, imagine just how many pharmaceutical, alcoholic, and other addictive substances will be consumed to numb the pain of discovery. Anything, ANYTHING, to keep from changing one’s mind, when one’s mind is closed.

If we think this nation is crazy now, with its intense emotional and ideological polarization, what if wild, outlier, bombastic, narcissistic, bloviating Donald Trump’s wrecking ball really does manage to decimate the Deep State? What happens then?

BTW: I especially appreciate this interview because of “Thomas Paine’s” unusually nuanced perspective of Trump’s larger-than-life greedy, uber-captialist personality.

Anatomy of the Deep State

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