Pugnacious Polarity or Peaceful Paradise? Peace Pilgrim’s message and example needed more than ever now.

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From Consortium News:

Why Putin’s Latest Weapons Claims Should Scare Us

Spoiler Alert: It’s not because we should worry that Putin will use them on us, but because “we” will use his claim as an excuse to ramp up yet another massive, destabilizing arms race.

This state of affairs reminds me of the first Cold War, where it has been claimed that the arms race during Reagan’s time was deliberately conceived to bankrupt the Soviet Union. Well, perhaps the tables have turned?

Meanwhile, I’m drawn once again to Peace Pilgrim, who, starting in 1953, for 28 years criss-crossed this country seven times on foot with no money and no possessions,  enjoying all manner of conversations, food, lodging, and utter trust in the love of the universe. “I have relied on the kindness of strangers, without even asking.”

How far are we away from Peace Pilgrim’s simple message and example now?

Back in the early ’80s, when I was what I now label a “violent peace activist,” due to my horrific judgments against others who were not, I revered her. Still do. Luckily, at some point I stopped my polarity-producing life and, heeding her advice, took stock of the war inside me. Healing that war took seven years. How many more years will we the people allow arms merchants to continue on their ultimately suicidal mission to be the boys with the most toys who cannot win?

From Peace Pilgrim’s final interview (she was subsequently killed in a car accident):

“I tell you people are good. There is a spark of good in everybody, no matter how buried.”

Peace Pilgrim practiced trust in the universe even when in danger. For example, here:

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