Did Hillary’s Treasonous Hypocrisy Ignite a New Cold War?

On February 28, Hillary tweeted:

Yes, Hillary, you “say this as a former Secretary of State” who shamelessly and systematically used your official position to suck millions out of Russia for your Clinton Foundation in exchange for U.S. corporate help in getting their military up to par with ours!

Putin Delibers Landmark State of the Union Speech: Puts the Smack Down on the U.S., Shows Off Latest Russian Nuclear Weapons

Huh? You say? Please check this out:

The Russian Reset Was Outright Treason

Indeed, the flailing U.S. Empire may have encircled Russia, bristling with weapons on her borders, but Putin gets the last word.

Putin: The Man who put a halt to Washington’s Regime Change Rampage 

By this time, I’m surprised anybody is surprised.

And, BTW:, unlike the U.S. which reserves the right for first strike, whether nuclear or non-nuclear, Putin stresses that bringing Russia’s weapons up to par with ours is not offensive, but defensive. And, at least according to one commentator, it was a plea to the U.S. to start talking again.

We’re back to the Cold War folks, and it’s just as M.A.D. as the first time around.

But hey, it keeps new! bigger! better! weapons flowing! What’s not to like? — say military contractors, banksters, and all the politicians kept on a short leash by bribes and blackmail.



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1 Response to Did Hillary’s Treasonous Hypocrisy Ignite a New Cold War?

  1. rose day says:

    Back in the day, Hillary Clinton’s present antics would have been classified as ‘saber- rattling’ which subtly implies military back-up yet the blatant abuse of her State Department privilege in violation of SOP security clearance is still considered a serious breach of trust by many in the US Military and negatively impacts her bite.

    In the absence of full-on military support, Clinton’s war-mongering seems ludicrous and would appear to indicate that she is experiencing either significant memory lapse or significant desperation as armament manufacturers demand payment for war-toys built on what until very recent times seemed a never-ending promise of world-wide conflict.

    If only 1/10th of the picture of war profiteers is accurate, it becomes easy to imagine
    the level of desperation one might feel upon being unable ‘to deliver’ on a promise of conflict in this era that finds a great portion humanity awakening to the futility of war.

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