Qanon: William Cooper’s “Behold A Pale Horse” predicted school shootings

This book, part of the treasury left to me when my husband Jeff Joel died, has been floating around the house ever since. I’ve read parts of it. Very intense. This morning,  housemate Dan found it for me — on a shelf in my bedroom! He says he “noticed it on the shelf because the guys in the jail read it.” (Dan works at the library, and is sometimes assigned to bring requested books to the local jail).

Here it is, on the kitchen table.

What brings this book to my attention now is the fact that Qanon has apparently responded to another anon who referenced the book, particularly one paragraph on a certain page, which predicted school shootings, and the agenda behind them.

Click on youtube video inside the Q post below.

BTW: Bill Cooper was gunned down outside his own home by Arizona police on November 5, 2001.



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