Early 2018: Global Pedophilia Flushes to the Surface

Have you noticed? A ramp-up of stories on what used to be the elephant in the global living room?

Veteran Navy SEALs and Law Enforcement Teamed Up to Save Kids From Child Sex Trafficking — For Free

Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking of Young Girls Is America’s Dirty Little Secret


Professors and Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape


At least 10 Current and Former U.S. Mayors Accused of Child Sex Crimes since 2016


Early 2018, California:

Human trafficking crackdown nets more than 500 arrests statewide 

And, it turns out, wherever the Corporatist MIC Empire’s continuous scouring and poisoning of the global landscape leaves former inhabitants homeless, hungry, and devastated:

U.N. Workers Carried out 60,000 Rapes in a Decade

No matter what one might think of Trump, already, back in March 2017, he was being recognized for his dedication to stop this perversion of our common human values.

Fmr Congresswoman: If Trump Goes After High-Level Pedophiles, It Will Take Down Dems And Republicans

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. As I recall, the rampant systematic pedophilia theme actually broke into the news via the Catholic Church.

Remember the Academy Award winning film Spotlight, documenting clergy child abuse from 2001 in the Boston Globe?

Or remember this, from 2011?

BBC documentary exposes 50 year scandal of baby-trafficking by the Catholic Church in Spain

Meanwhile, for anyone who follows this horrific ongoing practice — which, BTW, is extremely lucrative, as noted by the Indy Star, the newspaper that also broke the very recent story about the staff doctor who raped hundreds of young female gymnasts — yet  even pedophilia pales in the face of related Satanic practices, including murder and organ harvesting.

Investigator Liz Crokin:



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3 Responses to Early 2018: Global Pedophilia Flushes to the Surface

  1. rose day says:


    The prevailing horror in the exposure of pedophilia in major institutions throughout the world is further compounded because these very institutions, public and private, are generally held in high esteem.

    The rise of instant communication has been a major factor in exposing pervasive pedophilia and the awareness is a first step toward remediation. KUDOS to you and others in Alternative Media for your efforts . . . how else would the general public have ever known?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And my question is, at this point in history, how long does it take between a person’s first conscious awareness and the outrage that naturally follows? And how many people skip the outrage as itself too uncomfortable and just relapse again and again into numbness and denial? Alternatively, how many use their outrage as justification to promote further division among us?

      It’s difficult to thread one’s way through the stinking muddy morass and stay both sane and compassionate. In my view, daily centering practices are required!

  2. rose day says:

    WOW! Ann, you brought the ‘C’ word (Compassion) into the equation!

    In discussion with family and friends, there is a common (and logical) thread throughout . . . the dastardly things that are now being revealed have ostensibly occurred infinitely, age after age, yet rather than ‘so there is nothing new under the Sun’, what I am sensing in this particular Age of Revelation is the seeking of a new and improved approach to the remedy since public hangings and the like have not proven to be a particularly viable deterrent in the long run.

    Humanity is in unchartered waters . . . challenging of course but when taking ‘the Cosmos is the limit’ approach, infinitely wonder-filled things can occur. It may well be time to source the Infinite on the journey to becoming ‘heart-smart’ in determining lasting solutions to seemingly ever-lasting problems.

    As one example, consider for a moment this totally ‘out- there’ premise . . . What if the forces of Dark have been waiting throughout eons of time for Humanity to ‘love the darkness to death’ and What if there is presently enough Light on Earth to make this happen?

    ‘Heart Smart’ indeed . . . what a goal!

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