AKID, Day Two, again: A living interpretation of “death”!

And see original post, to know what the hell I’m talking about!

A number of people, both in comments and personally, have told me that they think the two dreams are about changing identities; that this would be experienced as a “death” of some kind. True. So true. And in the original dream, my psychic friend emailed me later that she vaguely remembers a part of her trying on new clothes, over and over again — which would fit this interpretation of the dreams.

Much to say about this, and I have found myself morphing over the past year or so. The identity of being the main person responsible for having founded and grounded a place, seeding and seating a shared space that honors both humans and Earth, is needing to be shed, like a snake its skin. And what I’m morphing into is some version of what I’ve done before, earlier in life, as Teacher and Explorer, a very natural role for this fiery double Sagittarian, always has been. The business of grounding was new! Instigated by my security-oriented Taurus Moon, I utilized the money left to me by my dear husband Jeff to establish a home base that made sense, not just to me, but to an emergent culture of connectedness rising like a lotus in towns and cities everywhere from the mud of the old separatist mentality of “rugged individualism” that has held the American mind in a lonely spell since — since when? Since the beginning, I suppose. Ever since we Europeans wiped out the connectedness of native peoples in our thirst for adventure and individual prowess. In any case, I don’t want to go back and “argue points” as to what caused what and when. Just know that I personally need to keep morphing, as I have always done, constantly experimenting with new forms of life, new ways of sharing and communicating, new possibilities for expansion and deepening of awareness.

You might say that, even at the advanced age of 75,  I’m still one of our quintesentially American “rugged individualists;” but of course I am, that’s my inheritance, too! I value my personal freedom enormously. On the other hand, I also value connectedness, equally — with other people, animals, insects, plants, rivers, mountains, Earth, the cosmos — and over long spiraling years have have come to recognize that it is the dance between these two seemingly opposite virtues — individualism and connectednes — (or, as we put it these days: service to self vs service to others) that serves as the growing edge of human evolution. Or it can. Too much of one is downright selfish. Too much of the other leads to oblivion.

It never ends, have you noticed? This thirst of ours to grow, to evolve. This thirst of ours for more. More of what is the only question. And once we let go of our addiction to materialism, and travel inside to the mysterious space within which all possibilities arise, the list is literally endless, is it not?

Here’s me, a tiny seed, already sprouting in our Green Acres Village greenhouse.


P.S. Of course, I still might die! And meanwhile, I choose, as ever, to live fully, as if my life depends on it.

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  1. Kieron says:

    Likely you or others have already thought of this interpretation of AKID, but just in case not, well, as you know, senescence is called the second childhood. Maybe you’re being granted a chance to be a kid again, allowing the younger adults of GAV to assume the parenting role while you play and explore.

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