Green Acres Village, late January: Upstairs/Downstairs, part 2, UPSTAIRS

As I said in the last post, our Community Dinners are churning along like clockwork, though they certainly don’t feel that way. Each week, there’s some confusion about whose turn it is to “take the lead,” and given the way we’ve switched places over and over again, no wonder we’re confused. Just in case you’re wondering, Dan has agreed to host this week, and will do so with his new ex-hippie haircut. In case you don’t recognize him, here’s his new “do.”

HANDSOME! As two old ladies remarked in the place where he got his locks cut, “We’ve been watching your transformation.” I told him that I thought he wasn’t going to “slouch” anymore, given the new haircut. And yes, he tells me he’s walking more upright than before.

It’s amazing how much our “appearance” affects others, and how that unconsciously recochets back into our “self-image.”

So, here goes. The last two dinners. Or is it three? I know I forgot my camera when we were at 2615 DeKist, three weeks ago. But the dinner at 2601 DeKist and the one here at 134 Overhill  Mariella and I did document.

DeKist. Rebecca made a main dish, all from contents of the freezer, 2017 harvest.


I can’t remember a dinner when there wasn’t some new face. We love the way our dinners serve to introduce others to our little Village experiment in the middle of an existing Neighborhood. Hopefully, they will either join us on a continuing basis or else take away ideas for transforming their own neighborhoods!

This past week, Mariella brought one of her most important mentors, Bob, who introduced her to the Ph.D. program in which she ended up getting her doctorate at IU. Bob’s “the new kid on the block.” Grateful to see a male elder show up for one of our dinners, and hope he continues to come!

As Dan says, amazed: “So many older people are hard to talk to. Bob is not!”

Here we are enjoying our conversation before the even younger kids arrived.

Mariella had told him that I had cooked a chicken for the main dish. Bob: “Where’s the chicken? Are you cooking it outside?”

“Oops!” I had completely forgotten the chicken. “Thank you!” Rushed to the oven, pulled it out and heaved it up.

Before we ate, Bob wondered about the large jars lining the window in the den. Dan proceeded to show him and Vanda and Sophie (who remember ferments from the olden days when they were small in I think it was Austria), his (and now Alex’s) ferments:

Getting ready to chow down.

Standing in line.

Speaking of who’s an adult and who’s a child, I’m going to end this post with screenshots of a hilarious facebook thread that involved Rebecca and podmates, on our private group page. The thread demonstrates both group responsiveness and Logan’s tendency to use weird aliases. Here goes!

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