Lionel Nation analyzes the social/political spectrum of today’s parallel worlds

Lunchtime listening . . .  I’m intrigued to realize that before I can befriend someone to whom I am attracted but don’t really know, I’m concerned about whether or not the person is red-pilled. Because if not, not only will we not “see eye to eye,” we will be literally living in different universes.

And let’s face it, the process of becoming red-pilled takes awhile. I’d date my own evolution to the hour when I was reading an astrological chart for someone in Salt Lake City, a large, stony-faced woman who talked about satanic practices she was forced to participate in as a child. This was in the late’80s. Of course I didn’t believe her. Next in line was Kathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America. A mind-controlled MK Ultra sex slave, she told of being trafficked to Hillary Clinton when a child. I read that book in the late ’90s, as I recall. Of course I didn’t believe her either.

Then came the realization that politicians are blackmailed through filmed scenes of drugged sex parties with children. That’s what did it for me. Like Alice, I have fallen down many rabbit holes since. And like Dorothy, I have recognized that the wizard behind the curtain is just an old fool with a projector.

Time to step out of Plato’s Cave into the sunshine!



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