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Last night I dreamed that I was standing in line at a small grocery store, waiting to check out. Those in line formed a sort of loose semi-circle, red-pilling each other, out loud. Prophetic?

On the other hand, my son Colin tells me that NPR’s take on the Memo release is purely political, and proves that Trump really is in league with the Russians! HUH?

Even so, what is bigger, more important, indeed way more transformational, than any human squabbling over a human “memo”? Well, isn’t it obvious? ET/UFO.

Check out this Robert Hastings clip from the National Press Club briefing. Interesting to me especially because it was aired on CNN! (And I see that CBS also had a story on it.) However, that was way back in 2010. It looks like CNN and CBS have deteriorated further since then.

Here’s my UFO buddy Joan Bird’s latest email to her UFO group. While I personally have not been guided to follow the Corey Goode material, I  very much appreciate her doing so. Also, her reference to five-volume Law of One set is something that I mentioned, to my young housemates, just a week or so ago, as the most valuable series of books on my bookshelf.

UFO List – OK – Its a very long email, but so much going on, and I think this could be an especially important piece in understanding what’s unfolding.

On January 11, David Wilcock posted a 26 pg. “Update” from secret space program witness Corey Goode that was quite mindblowing on a number of fronts. Wilcock has also recently introduced another secret space program/covert ops witness, Emery Smith, an anonymous insider of Wilcock’s for many years before coming forward in December. Much of what Emery Smith and Wilcock’s other insiders have to say corroborates Corey Goode’s information. David remarked that for years, because of his insider contacts, he has peered through a keyhole at the secret space program, and Corey Goode opened the door.

Before Goode’s update, Wilcock gives an orientation summarizing much of what Goode shares in the Cosmic Disclosure series. If you know little or nothing about Corey Goode’s testimony, this is a good summary that you don’t have to join Gaia TV to hear or read. The information in the update is fascinating, and ultimately positive. There are a lot of stories out there right now about what is happening on this planet. While it is hard to know what is true, I find the Corey Goode/David Wilcock/other whistle-blowers narrative cohesive, if mind blowing (and distressing in many ways, because of the magnitude of public deception.) Regardless, Goode et al’s narrative is one of the more positive ones out there. Because I am completely convinced that whatever we believe, we help make happen, I’m leaning into this narrative as one that makes sense, and gives hope.

I encourage everyone on this list to take the time to read this update and commentary from David Wilcock. Its a good opportunity to get up to speed on Corey Goode’s and others’ revelations about a secret space program. I presume the UFO community agrees there is at least some evidence for a secret space program. Fewer are willing to believe its as advanced as Goode et. al. say, so there is a lot of roiling going on in the UFO community. Its a lot to digest.

Here’s the link to Goode’s update and Wilcock’s commentary.

As I read the update, was piqued by some interesting coincidences. Having just seen the movie, ‘The Shape of Water,’ I was fascinated that Corey Goode reported  aquatic creatures showing up at a meeting of ET groups involved in some way with humans or earth. According to Goode, there are a number of ET groups running experiments on earth, many of them on human genetics.

I suspect many of you are aware of the discovery, October 19,  2017, of an interstellar object spotted by a telescope on Hawaii. The Hawaiian name means a “scout” or “messenger from the distant past.” NASA described the object as appearing like a gigantic rock, ten times as long as wide, and the first time astronomers have identified any such object moving through our solar system. Here’s a link to the NASA report on what NASA is calling an “interstellar asteroid.”

In his update, Goode reports that a Secret Space Program insider claims they sent an expedition to investigate, and landed on the object. If our white (as opposed to black or covert) space program can land on comets, this is not so unbelievable.

If you search “Oumuamua,” you’ll find a lot of scientific articles online, and I’m guessing several of you have already checked it out. Several sites report a carbon-based organic layer on the outside of this long, cylindrical object. The possibility of it being a spacecraft was mentioned, but the scientific conclusion that it was all “natural,” rock and not metal, seemed to disprove an ET spacecraft hypothesis. Scientists were quick to conclude it was not a spacecraft, though, in truth, that could not be ruled out.

Goode says the secret space program expedition landed on the object and found a way inside of it, where they found abundant evidence of advanced technology, AND, non-human bodies in drawers in an inner chamber. One of these bodies was described as an aquatic creature about 10′ tall with tentacles as arms and legs. Before the movie “Arrival,” I had never heard of any extraterrestrial types that were squid or octopus like. Gotta wonder where these authors and scriptwriters come up with some of these ideas. Collective unconscious, or insider info? Certainly Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, the X-files series, and Star Trek were based on actual cases. Spielberg hired two of the best UFO researchers, J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee, to act as advisors on Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

In July 2014 I met an ex-security guard, who described a UFO over Helena, Montana that looked like a gigantic rock, moving slowly south over the city at 3 a.m. back in 1977 or ’78.  I emailed Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center < to see if he had any reports of rock-like UFOs. He didn’t know of any. Alex Collier, who reports extensive contact with Andromedans, says the early space-faring Andromedans hollowed out asteroids and used them for space travel. Far-fetched? Maybe not.

Any other reports (or sightings?) of rock ships out there?

The secret space program expedition to Oumuamua believes it was built by the Ancient Builder Race, whom Goode and other witnesses say have left evidence of their ancient and advanced technology all over our solar system and beyond. According to the Oumuamua expedition leader, they also found hieroglyph-like characters on the walls.

These are just a few of the jaw-dropping accounts given by Goode. I cannot verify that it’s true. What I can say is that I have listened to hours of David Wilcok’s interviews with Corey Goode, as well as Pete Peterson, Bill Tompkins, Bob Wood, and, beginning in December, Emery Smith. I find the information, first of all, incredibly mind boggling and fascinating, but also coherent. Many matching puzzle pieces.

I am also impressed by Corey Goode’s humility, willingness to admit what he doesn’t know, and honest admission of the difficulty of the inner work required in his interacting with these advanced beings. According to Goode, they are concerned about the extent of deception on this planet, and how that has blocked human spiritual development. We are all being asked to do this inner work; questioning our early, and not so early, programming, bringing more compassion to our relationships, working on forgiveness and non-judgement, facing and integrating our shadow, so as not to project it on “the other.” This is all part of what is being asked of us if we are to overcome the many challenges facing us and reach a higher level of human society on this planet. Makes sense to me.

The “Law of One”

The association of these advanced groups with the “Law of One” manuscripts also gets my attention. Years ago I met Carla Rueckert, who trance-channeled the Law of One material (Five volumes) and talked about how it came about under her association with Don Elkins. I found her completely credible, a career librarian, modest, unpretentious, genuine, quiet and soft spoken. Its an amazing story, and leads me to believe these transmissions do come from a very high source. I read the 1st volume years ago. Have had some thoughts about creating a Law of One discussion group. More info at this link:

There is so much coming out now, and it requires me to question much of what i thought I knew and believed. Again!! Always challenging work, and yet, my commitment is to pursue the truth, no matter what rabbit holes it takes me down. I am intrigued and activated by the many matching pieces in this puzzle, and encourage others to wade into this alternate history of our planet. The more of us trying to make sense of it all, the better.

Disclosure by Planet Earth

Finally, would like to leave you with this bit of information from Emery Smith, the latest secret space program witness to come out. Smith corroborates Goode and Tompkins and others’ stories of an ancient city under ice in Antarctica, used for many years now by the secret space program. These structures under the ice include huge ancient ET spacecraft, and frozen bodies of non-humans. Smith says that global warming is going to melt the ice which has hidden these ancient ruins, as well as the secret space program installations. Now wouldn’t that be a twist, for the earth herself to take the lead in worldwide disclosure. Stay tuned!

I honestly do not know what is true at this time, but I do know I am questioning to a greater extent than ever before my own conditioning and programming. The story of a secret space program holds a lot of water, and Corey Goode’s information has shifted from serious concern about our future as of last November, to some very positive turns. I like the story. It makes sense. So, for now, I’m going to keep exploring, looking for matching puzzle pieces, and muddling towards the truth.

May we find a good path into the future.

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