Alt-Epistemology: In and Out, The Focusing Eye

Back in the summer of 1971, during the six week channeled? writing of my Ph.D. dissertation in philosophy, I received a dream.

Of Neitzsche’s eye, like a camera lens, focusing in and out.

This dream has informed me, ever since.

So. Now, February 2, Groundhog Day, 2018:  as usual, shifting back and forth between two mental/spiritual dimensions: one, in which I’m continuously fishing through the ever-flashing stream of info/misinfo/disinfo to narrow in on what I consider “breaking news,” and the other, continuous attunement to  larger contexts which variously color that  stream.

Though, from an ever larger/smaller perspective, both my foci could be seen as absurd attention-paying to “the ten thousands things.”

So, today, on the one hand I see from my fb feed that in June 2000, The Atlantic magazine featured the Unabomber, and how Harvard, and its MK Ultra program may have programmed him.

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber

This MK Ultra business is intensely serious. Have you noticed? Manchurian candidates of all kinds can be programmed to do  — whatever! For example, what about the driver of the garbage truck that almost wasted the entire Republican leadership via the Amtrak “accident” occurring on the very next day after the SOTU?

For more, much more, see Fred Burks, his tremendous site, and especially, the section on Mind Control.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, I’m on pins and needles with Jerome Corsi, re: that infamous Memo that might just begin to pull the rug out from under the perficious Deep State.

BTW: notice my “news sources” here — facebook and twitter. Amazing.

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