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From “all-too-human” to authentic human: Ice Dance

There are moments when all I can do is pause, tune into perfectly executed cooperative human expression, and ask, with a fervent heart, that this power, trust, and precise, effortless execution ripen into the template for human reciprocity.

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FILM REVIEW: “The Post,” in context with “The Memo”

Son Colin and I went to see The Post yesterday afternoon. Two red-pill’ers sitting in a sea of blue-pill’ers. But that’s normal here in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town that loves to think itself superior to Trump and his followers … Continue reading

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Is the Military Industrial Complex paranoid?

You decide.

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Alt-Epistemology 101: Embrace Contradictions!

For they stretch us, crack us open, let in the light. “Do I contradict myself? Well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman “The opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” — … Continue reading

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These images have been hanging out on my desktop, for months! . . . time to Begone!

I no longer remember the provenance of some of them. Others make me pause, and consider, on a near-daily basis. Taken together, they illustrate the range of my interests and the often paradoxical “subject matter” of this exopermaculture blog. As … Continue reading

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Pressure’s On: #ReleaseTheMemo! #Obamagate!

Zerohedge: “Explosive,” “Shocking” and “Alarming” FISA Memo Set to Rock D.C., “End Mueller Investigation” Excerpt:  Of all the recent developments in the ongoing investigation(s), this one is on the cusp of turning into a genuine happening. And check this out. … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village news, mid-January 2018: Prolonged cold! Snow! And three diverse, unexpected meetings

Wow, it’s been a while since I composed a post on this lively place where I reside in the company of two young people and two, sometimes fractious, dogs in one domicile, engaging with folks in GAV’s other two houses. … Continue reading

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On age, aging, death — and AUTHENTIC tributes and obituaries

A few days ago, when on facebook, I was happy to see that Inger Koedt, one of the stalwart matriarchs of Jackson Hole, is still going strong at 103. I had wondered if she was still alive, and everytime I … Continue reading

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