Triumphant Trump’s Qanon. But, little bitty voice, “what about NATURE?”

Yesterday, around dinnertime, I found myself deeply immersed in an 1:18 hour Jerome Corsi video that seemingly expertly decoded recent Q posts. My nearly open-mouthed preoccupation sat juxtaposed and  oblivious to noisy dinner talk by my young housemates in the next room. Thank god for earbuds, or I should say, earbud! — since one of them was recently chewed up by Hank, our new rat terrier.

Frankly, that video held me spellbound. And what strikes me now, the next morning, when one of these young housemates, Alex, and I are about to descend into the basement for our winter weekly two-hour cleanup of that long-neglected space, is how the internet has so managed to invisibly silo us into parallel realities that, for me, the fascinating, complex, labyrinthian conspiratorial world of Qanon and what he describes and predicts should co-exist with an infinite number of other parallel worlds, and seemingly no bleed through from one to the other — at least in this house!

Here’s the Corsi video.

Then, last night, during my regular 2 a.m. sleepless slot, I watched another video, an interview of Thomas Paine, of, with Lionel Nation. Or, I should say, I started to watch this interview, but then fell back to sleep. Maybe tonight?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that it’s literally impossible to “keep up” with “the alt-news,” these days, since more and more, we are recognizing billions of points of view on this one planet, each of us with one, having one, serving as our point source for a highly particularized way of seeing, which, if we are learning from our experiences, itself continuously evolves!

The duplication, and simulation, ramification of parallel worlds viz the internet is dizzying, and often beautiful and creative — and, above all, extremely confusing to those who do not maintain daily practices so that they may remain centered in the present moment NO MATTER WHAT. (For me, it’s three to four mile daily walk, plus one hour of yoga, chi kung, and tai chi: Daily — as priority number one.)

But: I will tell you that literally any of the videos of the couple, Thomas Paine and Betsy Ross, put out does seem to be really well researched. I heartily recommend their website. Get on their email list.

Okay, then, this morning, sitting in my same comfy chair, feet up, I watched another video as housemate Alex made and ate her breakfast in next room. Again, I sat transfixed, as Sean, from SGTReport, spoke what was/is in my own mind during this astonishing, seemingly climactic moment in human his-story. Here it is, posted to you just prior to heading with her down into the basement.

Oops. Just noticed that SGTreport has another new video that I will simply have to watch. After  cleaning out the basement swamp. I take a glimpse: It’s lauds DJT as alpha male. Oh my.

Well, fine. But what about the fact that the Trump administration ignores, even tramples on, the natural world? Even stops protecting migrating birds?

And what about the fact that the Trump administration is asking for more, much more, money for the MIC swamp?

Trump now increases “defense” budget 37% above Obama’s

As I told Dan, my other millennial housemate: Trump has never been inside nature. Has never walked barefoot in the forest. Only when we love her, are we moved to protect her.

Meanwhile, since he surrounds himself with “white hat?” military, no wonder the military priority is in full force. My question: how does this massive increase jive with the much ballyhooed, first ever, Pentagon audit?

So, while I’d like to “be-lie-ve” that Trump is the knight on white horse, here to save the world, maybe we need to ask: save the world for corporations and capitalism? Save the world by also destroying the natural world which supports life?




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2 Responses to Triumphant Trump’s Qanon. But, little bitty voice, “what about NATURE?”

  1. Ann, it’s been fascinating following this blog over the years! My mind mostly manages one thing at a time, and in my own private universe (where we each live and dream), I can’t spend my time/energy on connecting dots. I’m simply not able.

    My own path to Truth is to follow one or two small things each day and ponder them. The feeling I get inside when I sit and read a stream of your posts is one of inner confusion, chaos, and noise. This links to that…to that…then to that…, and my mind shuts down. I am intrigued by the many paths open to us all, and yours has shown me what will NOT work for me! I need to stay still, move slowly, let in new information only when I feel it serves my heart, and forgive all the rest. Still, I enjoy checking in with your wild and creative mind!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hey Susan, and I totally appreciate your grounded connectedness to all of nature, especially the bees! And now, a baby opossum! Why does that not surprise me?

      Yes, part of what I’m called to do is to give the feel of the confusion and chaos that has unhinged the collective mind and heart. Hopefully, enough individuals can hold our own centers to help calm the waters until we can move safely ashore. But I have a feeling that this will take us a long time; meanwhile, let us all learn to express and share our beautiful wild natures fully! As you do. Thank you!

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