Please Pay Attention: To these four markers of accelerating American collapse

We seem to be falling down a uniquely American rabbit hole. And in my view, it all stems from our unique historic emphasis of individualism over community. In a sane society, the individual and the community exist in dynamic balance. Not so here. And we are now reaping the catastrophic results. Notice: Eleven school shootings in the first 25 days of January.

Why we are underestimating American collapse



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3 Responses to Please Pay Attention: To these four markers of accelerating American collapse

  1. CindyW says:

    Another movie for you, Ann – I’m looking forward to seeing it (as well as “The Post”) –
    Abacus – Too Small to Jail – about the only bank that was sanctioned after the financial collapse – a small, family-owned Chinatown bank owned by a Chinese-American family, the Sungs, who were not personally involved in the corruption.

    One of the younger people (late 30’s) with whom I work is going to get it for us to see – she told us about it.

    • Jean Hopkins says:

      Vermont is looking at replicating a state bank like North Dakota’s.
      More good movies to watch regarding health access reform are ‘Now Is The Time’, a follow-up to ‘The Healthcare Movie’, ‘Fix It’ (written by a PA CEO) and ‘Big Pharma’.

  2. Jean Hopkins says:

    I have hope in the next generation which appears to be more compassionate and is joining more socialist oriented organizations. Is there any way we can stop the growing economic divide between billionaires and the rest of us? Has anyone heard of the much more progressive graduated income tax that existed during the 1950’s when the people with the highest incomes paid 50 to 90% back in taxes?

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