January 25th, 2018: A forced pause to take a breath!

From nearly 1500 views to 0, in one swift move! Coming back now.

From 12:01 midnight yesterday, to 4:09 am this morning, this exopermaculture site was down, due to “having exceeded bandwidth.” I had been told that the warning for this, which came the day before, was something I could ignore. But then it happened! More fallout from having shifted hosts from dreamhost to wordpress. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help but notice that this forced pause synchronistically just happened to occur merely three days past the seventh anniversary of my first post on this blog, on January 22, 2011. Here it is:

Bridging Above and Below

Reading through it now, seven years later, I notice that I did not mention politics, geopolitics, pedophilia, satanism, or indeed any of the human gunk that has infested our collective mind and behavior and which I only discovered by ranging far and wide while surfing the internet for news.

As much as I would love to get back to the original innocent mission of simply “bridging” (and later, I added “blending”) Above and Below, more and more I’m realizing that what corrupts us is the fact that we still use language to communicate!

(Note that from what we hear, few ET species use language to communicate. Instead, they commune, through telepathy.)

And wouldn’t you know!  We humans are so innately, intensely creative, that some of us intentionally or inadvertently use language to dazzle, deceive, spin, disorient, confuse — all tactics marshalled in force now by all sorts of faux “powers” that seek to keep us dumbed down, distracted, dead to the life force within us.

Yes, to the Life Force of Nature, Earth and the Cosmos, within us, which, when we get out of our own way, when we see through the machinations of our own ego, gushes like a geyser through our hearts and into the world.

And though we still use language, more and more of us are also re-membering ourselves, putting ourselves back together again, both as individuals, and in our native telepathic communion with others, be they humans, animals, plants, insects, rocks, planets, galaxies — All is alive; all is conscious, interwoven, thrumming with energy. All we need do, in permacultural terms, is “CATCH, HOLD, and RELEASE!” — in the direction intended.

The lesson? Tune in to your innermost essence, that neutral aware spacious presence that resides within you and extends to the expanding edge of the multiverse. This awareness sees all, knows all, and loves all: IS ALL. Allow this awareness to fill with universal energy, the life force. Point your ego’s attention to whatever is directly in front of you, that which you know is yours to do. Do that. Intend the divine, universal, life force energy to focus awareness in a certain direction, then flow through your heart and into the world.

In short, Be the Miracle!

There is nothing stopping us except our f.e.a.r (false evidence appearing real).

The universe abhors a vacuum.

Where fear dissolves, LOVE IS.

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  1. Kate says:

    Glad you are back! I missed you!

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