One year in, who IS Donald Trump, and why does it matter?

I notice myself more and more “coming out,” both in my liberal, Hillary-loving local community and on social media, regarding my attitude towards the presidency of Donald Trump. I’ve been fascinated with Trump all along; at first, back in March 2017, because of his astrological chart, and its relationship to the U.S. chart —

Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

—then because he won against all odds,

Post-Election, Day One: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

and then, as time went along, more and more astonished by both the unceasing vitriol his presence evokes in those who consider themselves superior, AND his ability to not only stand in that maelstrom, but actually, more and more it seems, utilize negativity as fuel. Now, with one year under his belt, it’s clear to me that he is in the process of mastering the art of how to “do” the presidency in his own way.

Meanwhile, I love this perspective on him, one that occurred to me back in September, 2017.

Is Trump our (perhaps unwitting) HEYOKA (sacred clown)?

Oh, and before that, I noticed, and posted on (both before and after) the much ballyhooed August 21 eclipse path that occurred directly on his Leo Ascendant/Mars combination, and of course, was supposed to take him down.

Meanwhile, speaking of the eclipse, Thomas Paine of had a decidedly different view of Trump and his relationship to the eclipse going forward. Unfortunately, I can no longer find that article, but I do remember being astonished that he claimed Trump will be just fine! (Eclipses are traditionally considered ill omens.)

Now there’s the matter of the increasingly recognized “Trump Effect,” how no matter who comes up against him, they ultimately lose, hung by their own petard. Witness the recent government shut-down as an example.

Meanwhile, Thomas Paine has another unusually nuanced piece out on Trump now, which I very much appreciate:




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  1. It seems to me the ultimate acid test of the Deep State will be Trump’s treatment of the US Federal Reserve. Switching over to US Treasury Dollars and away from Federal Reserve Notes would speak volumes. Some of Robert David Steele’s ideas would also give Trump a break-away leadership against the Deep State, especially the idea of developing an interactive direct communication channel in the White House. Just ban the press corps. It’s the interactive and transparent character of the channel that would tend to give a voice to the people.

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