FILM REVIEW: “The Post,” in context with “The Memo”

Son Colin and I went to see The Post yesterday afternoon. Two red-pill’ers sitting in a sea of blue-pill’ers. But that’s normal here in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town that loves to think itself superior to Trump and his followers in the rural areas surrounding Bloomington.

I remember the day Trump actually won the presidency. And how son Colin was so shocked and astonished. Both of us were glad Hillary did NOT win. That was about the extent of it, for me. (I didn’t vote for Trump instead; but for Jill what’s her name). Colin knew better. He knew that Trump’s victory over all the powers that be was truly a miracle. Subsequent events, revelations, downloads, and so on have proved him right.

How did Trump win? How did his wild card candidacy both overcome all the Republicans and all the Democrats, to actually get elected? We still don’t know the exact mechanisms that somehow overcame all the ways the Democrats tried to rig the election. Some kind of “white hat” maneuver, but what kind?

And, I’ll never forget watching Trump walk in the parade, in full view of the crowds and any would-be shooter, after his Inaugural Speech. That, in itself, for me, proved his extraordinary courage. Why would anyone “in their right mind” give up all the perks he had gained by being so extraordinarily wealthy in the material world? (No wonder materialists think he’s crazy! He IS crazy, in relation to that value system.) Why would anyone take on the horrific enmity of the entire MSM media — and not only survive the so far, year-long onslaught, but actually utilize that negativity, play 4-D chess with it, beat the bastards at their own game?

And now, just past the first year, two days into lights out on at least parts of the USG, and the second SOTU due on January 30, the day before the Super Full Blue Moon, we have THE MEMO. The one that’s 1.2 million pages long, summarized into four pages, and released to members of Congress, but not the U.S. people. A Memo that supposedly rips the heart out of the Democrat’s 16-year plan to destroy the U.S. A Memo that was supposedly the subject of Qanon’s latest updates, which some say gives an outline of the dastardly globalist plan of Obama, Clinton, and their cronies:

QAnon Update January 21

Let’s contrast what is happening here and now with what was happening back then, when Katherine Graham of the Washington Post finally moved into her power and published whistleblower Daniel Ellsworth’s Pentagon Papers, aligning thus with the New York Times, and in defiance of the White House which was using the legal system to attempt to stop them both.

That massive download (47 volumes) detailed the history of this country’s bloody trail through the Vietnam War, all the lies told then to keep it going. It’s publication sparked public outrage.

This massive download (1.2 million pages) apparently details the massive corruption within the globalist-dominated Democratic Party, and its collusion with USG agencies and the MSM to put Hillary into the White House, destroy Donald Trump, first as a candidate, and next as a sitting president, and thus finalize the ongoing destruction of the U.S.A.

Where’s the outrage?

And do we have either the New York Times or the Washington Post or both, reporting on this huge news? This news that is way bigger than the Pentagon Papers since it outlines the planned (and partially completed) destruction of the government that we thought we were living under?

No. Nothing from either of these “papers of record.” Instead, those of us who are awake or waking up rely for news on social media and bloggers and other alt-media sites. And there, this news is HUGE; indeed it may be the biggest thing that’s ever happened in this country, and both the national papers of record, by ignoring this news, are proving that they are part of the corruption!

Watching the movie yesterday, I wondered, is this when the NYT and wapo got together, and stayed together? Because, along with every MSM news outlet except (for the apparent recent conversion of) Fox News, they’ve long been the media mind-controllers of U.S. citizens.

And, because of the silo-ing effect of the Internet, only those who are already tending towards being red-pilled are consciously aware of what a big moment this is! The others, the blue-pillers, are still hating Trump, still feeling proud of themselves for marching in Women’s Marches, still ignoring what may be the most important moment in U.S. history.

Which makes me wonder: how about the timing of this movie? I imagine Spielberg, who along with other major movie people, has back door access to the USG and in fact, is part and parcel of the Deep State’s effort to steer the minds of the American people in only certain directions, saw this movie as a way to confer sainthood on the MSM, and especially the NYT and wapo, during this time when the readership of all major news outlets is falling drastically. And yet, because of what’s happening now, the MEMO as equivalent to the Pentagon Papers, the distinction between what was possible then and what is happening now is revealed for all to see — should they choose to see it! In short, why is this MEMO treated differently by the MSM than the Pentagon Papers back in 1971? Answer: because the MSM is now a part of the deep state gov, and no longer functions in the job intended for it, to be a “4th estate,” free from government interference and serving as its watchdog for the public.

P.S. The movie is riveting. Spielberg IS a master. But when we put this movie in context with what is happening now, it comes as a revelation as to just how much times have changed.

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  1. rose day says:

    ‘The Post’ photo in this article brings to mind the photo of Clinton, Obama, et al as they watched the ‘take down’ of Osama bin Laden . . . the same sense of ‘glued-to-the-screen’ theatrics.

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