Alt-Epistemology 101: Embrace Contradictions!

For they stretch us, crack us open, let in the light.

“Do I contradict myself? Well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman

“The opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” — Neils Bohr

In this 3D matrix world of “free choice,” we are schooled to confine our minds to binary thinking, encouraged/told/invited to “come down on” one side or the other, given any choice between “opposites”: good or bad, up or down, in or out, yes or no, true or false.

Like many whose minds and hearts have opened to a multidimensional perspective, I “take in” contradictory information, and rather than deciding one way or another who is right or wrong, what is true or false, I interweave each bit with all the rest, creating a thickening, open-ended tapestry of many colors and dimensions. There is no end to it. And no beginning.

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A good example of our seemingly fundamental desire to “figure it out once and for all”  is our fascination with “Qanon”, the enigmatic, apparently Socratic, teacher and predictor who has captured so many minds, starting in late October 2017.  If you have escaped this mania, here’s a partial “Book of Q.”

Who is Qanon and — as he? she? they? — would ask, “Why does it matter?” Dr. Jerome Corsi (among many others whom I appreciate, for example Jordan Sather and Tracy Beanz), continues to be-lie-ve in Q. Here Corsi parses the latest Q post:

Qanon: Decode Post Friday January 19 2018

On the other hand, former Colonel Roy Potter differentiates between Qanon before and after December, saying that only the former is authentic.

What really got Roy’s suspicions up was Qanon’s alarming “Def Con 1” message, which, it turned out, did presage the Hawaii missile “mistake.” Aside from the official explanation that we red pill’ers sense was bullshit, was that a real missile launch? If so, who did it? North Korea? Deep State pretending to be North Korea? White hats? China? Israel? Theories abound. Also, if it was real, then who took it down? White Hats? U.S. Navy? U.S. Air Force? Secret Space Program? ET? And why? Fear porn? Some kind of test? To gather info for NSA? A distraction? Bring down Donald Trump and start World War III? On and on.

Again, theories abound. Just like they do in all sorts of aspects regarding the Las Vegas shooting and so many other likely staged false flag events that go back decades.

It used to be that false flags worked. even started wars, cf. the Gulf of Tonkin and Iran’s so-called WMDs.

If I recall, we didn’t even use the phrase “false flag” until sometime after the film “Wag the Dog” appeared, in 1997. We were simple back then, naive: we believed what we were told. No more! Especially thanks to the ascendancy of trickster Trump, the MSM media lies in tatters.

We are living in an astonishing era when we really do need to open our minds and hearts to any and all possibilities. And to remain open. That especially, is not easy to do. We feel fearful. The ground goes out from under our feet! Oh no! What can we hold onto? How can we not try to figure it out? Not endeavor to ground ourselves in “the facts”? Not know what’s up, what’s down, what’s in or out, right or left, good or evil? That’s right folks. Life on this accelerating 21st century train really is that confusing. And our instinct is to try, desperately, to “nail it down,” whatever it is.

To my mind, confusion is not necessarily to be avoided. In fact, as I used to warn my philosophy students when writing papers for my class, “I much prefer a fertile confusion to a sterile clarity.”

Likewise, when I finally decided to read Wittgenstein, years after my teacher had advised me not to, because “he’s confused (and besides, he’s a sub-clinical schizophrenic!),” I went into his office, sat down, and announced my decision. “Oh?” He looked up, curious. “Yes,” I said. “And he’s confused. But his confusion is important.” “Aaah,” he responded, “You may read Wittgenstein.”

So here we are, millions, even billions of people, struggling to make sense of a confusing mess. How do we talk about it? Or, even better, how do we live within it?

I suggest that we both pay close attention to what is near at hand, and simultaneously  expand our awareness of the mystery in which our entire era is embedded. Do both! Be both! Both grounded Below, into the interwoven realm of Mother Earth, cooperating with  our inner lives and the lives of others — people, animals, plants, seeds, rocks, rivers — while also, and simultaneously, welcoming the Above — all the linguistic and imagistic, harmonious and discordant, honest and deceptive, selfish and unselfish ways that we intensely creative humans respond and react to what we observe and feel.

Remember. To put it mildly, it’s not going to get any easier over the next few years. So, here’s my alt-epistemological advice:

Above all, remain centered in the whirlwind. Connect, moment by moment, through the breath via the spine to encompass both crown and root chakras: invoke both a circumconscious sky’s eye view and a sensual connection through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth.

“Facts” do not ground us. Mother Earth grounds us.

“Facts” are mere posits in infinity. Tiny dots that we make up, and pretend to be more real than other tiny dots. We “connect the dots,” construct “theories” from our “facts,” and yet they too, are grounded in nothing, since assumptions themselves cannot be proved.

Oh no!

Oh yes.

Deal with it.


3-D is done.

We live and move and have our being in the quantum field, unbounded space.



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