These images have been hanging out on my desktop, for months! . . . time to Begone!

I no longer remember the provenance of some of them. Others make me pause, and consider, on a near-daily basis. Taken together, they illustrate the range of my interests and the often paradoxical “subject matter” of this exopermaculture blog. As Above So Below! The sacred edges the profane, the mild cushions shock, this vast being comes studded with detailed analysis; light as a feather and crazy as a fox, both in life and of it: feet anchored to Earth while opening space to the divine.

And remember, it’s all One! Even the bad stuff, the political/economic/satanic/pedophilic stuff, all the nasty, cruel, devious, destructive, soul-killing “service to self” ways we humans sometimes choose to channel our creativity. While “reporting” on the bad stuff, I still marvel at the human ingenuity that goes into creating illusion within illusion within illusion.











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