Bodhi Be in Hawaii: On “Missile Morning”

When we are not foolishly distracted from important world-changing events by quibbling over the word *shithole, we are parsing the reality or unreality, mistake or false flag, actual or fake, agenda-driven or not, message that all Hawaiians received on Saturday morning at “around 8:07 A.M.”

I’ve heard the many theories: First the MSM version: it was purely a mistake, operator-error. Next, all the alt-media versions: It was a ploy by the deep state to get us all in a state of fear. It was a ploy by the deep state to test out how we react to a nuclear missile threat. It was a distraction, from the indictments now coming against Uranium One. It was a ploy by the deep state to say the missile launched from North Korea and of course, it’s all Trump’s fault — shows he’s unhinged or careless or . . . On and on and on.

And then, the stories of panic, shoving kids down drain holes (shitholes!) to protect them, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, not knowing what to do . . . Again, on and on and on.

Here’s the chart for  “about 8:07 AM” Hawaii time.

I swear whoever designs these events must be an astrologer! Because the chart perfectly reflects the crucial Mars/Jupiter conjunction, still in Scorpio, by putting it exactly on the Midheaven for Hawaii: Jupiter at 18°, just beginning to cross the MC, which itself is moving counterclockwise. It took awhile for that conjunction to finish crossing the Midheaven, moving at about 4 minutes per degree. I imagine the first 16 minutes were the worst, when volatile Mars crossed the MC.

Yep, the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio was high in the sky, front and center for all to FEEL. Scorpio rules life and death, the dying process, the depths of feeling.

Notice, also, that the powerful Sun/Pluto/Venus conjunction in Capricorn is still operating, and that Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Sun/Venus: shining light and love on powerful, primal Pluto, god of the underworld. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction harmoniously sextiles (60°) the Sun/Pluto/Venus conjunction. Five planets, all synchronized to prompt us to probe deeply into our own fear of death.

Hopefully, this event will catalyze a deeper discussion.

At 8:45 A.M., a message went out that the “attack” was a “mistake.”

Here’s the chart for that second message:

Mars and Jupiter have now crossed into the 9th house, no longer on the MC.

Important for us to realize that an unflinching focus on death and dying is exactly what we need to come fully alive! As Don Juan, Carlos Casteneda’s shaman famously said, “Death walks by your left shoulder.”

Bodhi Be, whose life is devoted to a conscious approach to death and dying, and who holds international death doula trainings,

Doorway into Light

had this to say about that amazing morning:

Well, here in Hawaii we’re all on Bonus Time!

I have started asking people here how they responded
when they first heard the alert. I will play some on my radio show.
I’m sure many are still processing their responses, as am I.

Leilah was in New Zealand, I was away as well, on Kauai, staying with
3 dear friends and we sat in the sunshine in the Big Wow of the moment.
I texted to my kids and to Leilah.

I was and am glad to see that the spiritual life and work in the fields of dying and death
served me well and it was surprisingly easy to be at peace with the possibility
we were all going to die in 20 minutes.

A powerful practice and teaching, for sure.

It is quite clear to me that in the case of a nuclear attack, the only ‘safe shelter’ is in the heart!

It was and is a good day to die!

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3 Responses to Bodhi Be in Hawaii: On “Missile Morning”

  1. One of my sons was caught in this fiasco in Hawaii and we talked about it as it was happening. Bravado was very think during our conversation as my family faced physical annihilation in our third dimensional realm. My instincts were this was all intentional one way or the other, with the deep state’s hand somewhere in the fray. Keep projecting loving and transformative thoughts even to the dark side, as long as you can………

  2. Warren says:

    Thought I’d give you another take on the Hawaii thing. I’m in Volcano, 4 miles from the Kilauea caldera. I didn’t get the message – no cell phone. But as I was walking the dog was told by folks next door there was incoming and I needed to take shelter. My response was “fuck it, I’m walking the dog.” Realized in that moment that I truly don’t believe anything coming from the so called authorities unless I see it with my own eyes.
    Sunday, having breakfast with the gang at the community center/farmers market I found that among us old farts that was a typical reaction. I feel compassion for all of those who panicked. And I wonder if they too will be just a little more jaded the next time. The government is losing credibility and I see that as a positive realignment with reality.
    That’s my take…… Warren, Volcano, HI

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, Warren. Definitely a whole other “take,” not to have a cell phone, and not to believe the government anyway. YES!

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