Shitstorming “shithole”: Will it ignite an authentic conversation?

I’ll never forget the day when my father roundly castigated me in front of my siblings for using the word “fuck.” I was an adult, we were all adults, and yet he treated me like a child.

A few years later, he too, was using the word.

And thus disappeared another linguistic weapon one person uses to attempt to dominate/control/shame another.

Let’s hope “shithole” not only undergoes the same fate, but that it ignites an authentic discussion of just how drastically the Corrupt Globalist Politico Corporocractic Military Industrial Medico-Pharmaceutical Big Ag Empire has ravaged formerly beautiful productive lands and people, not only in Africa, but here at home and across the globe.

Thanks to zerohedge for this image.

And thanks to Jon Rappoport who has described the situation accurately, as anyone knows who has done even a modicum of research on the desecration performed by predatory capitalism’s transnational corporations upon this formerly beautiful planet.

Trump and his sh*t hole remark: the story nobody is talking about

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2 Responses to Shitstorming “shithole”: Will it ignite an authentic conversation?

  1. rose day says:

    The president’s phrasing may have been lacking in decorum but the essence of his comment is spot-on when describing countries so entirely compromised that inhabitants are willing to risk death in fleeing in the hope of a better life elsewhere.

  2. CindyW says:

    Thank you, Ann for this. As the one-time wife of a Ghanaian human rights law student, Rappoport is absolutely right. Hadn’t thought of it till I read it, but what he said.
    And yes, it is the true history of this country (I remember my first husband telling me, “the only reason we turned to Russia for help is that we asked the U.S. first, and they refused to help us”) to acknowledge our part in that ripping off – just as activists say we have to acknowledge the history of slavery as an integral part of U.S. history. Like every time I eat a banana, I do remember United Fruit Company and the assassination of Guatemala’s democratically elected president Arbenz (though I still eat bananas).

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