My UFO Buddy Joan Bird’s New Year Message: Paradigm Collision!

This interesting series of reflections went out yesterday to Joan’s UFO email list. If you recall, she and I attended many UFO conventions together, back in the olden days. She went on to make UFO/ET disclosure and multidimensional comprehension pretty  her life’s work. (My review of her book.) For me, it’s more diffuse; I orient to all sorts of phenomena, both Above and Below. In any case, you can imagine, when we do get together (rarely), how the commuication flows. Like lightening! YES! And yes to all Joan’s endeavors in this astounding new year of 2018.
Pentagon Disclosure Aftermath
Below is a link to an excellent NPR interview with Luis Elizondo, regarding the Pentagon’s acknowledgement of the Advance Aerospace Threats Identification Program. (Good title for dodging FOIA requests re: UFOs or UAPs).   I found this talk especially interesting because Elizondo discusses what they have learned about the science of ET technology, including the manipulation of “space-time,” which circumvents the limitation of the speed of light, and the old “you can’t get here from there” argument against ETs being here.  He also discusses the pressure on pilots and other military staff not to report sightings and encounters, and the stigma which suppresses information and communication on this subject. If you haven’t spent much time following the Pentagon’s disclosure, this is a good introductory interview with the man who oversaw this program for 10 years.
Grant Cameron, in one of his many commentaries on the 12/16/2017 Pentagon disclosure and aftermath (See whitehouseufo on YouTube), makes the comment that its not the public at large or the religious people who are having trouble with this disclosure. It’s the scientific materialists who are most threatened. Because a Newtonian materialistic world view still dominates academic science and medicine, many of the follow up interviews and opinion pieces uphold that skeptical and antiquated world view.
Lockheed skunk works director Ben Rich famously said at UC alumni meeting in l993, “We have the technology to take ET home.” When asked after his talk about the propulsion technology, his enigmatic reply was, “Do you know how ESP works?” Jan Harzan, now the director of MUFON, replied, “I don’t know, . . all points in space and time are connected?” and Ben Rich said, “That’s how it works.” Sounds like basic quantum theory.
What we are witnessing at this time in human history is a mind-torqueing collision of world views, not unlike the Copernican Revolution, or the advent of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, or Planck’s Quantum Theory, which seems to be what it’s really about, since “all points in time and space being connected” is a quantum theory concept. What’s happening is similar in some ways to the literally earthshaking slow motion crashes of tectonic plates, grinding inexorably toward each other, with one subducting under the other.  My guess is that most people are largely unaware of this current paradigm clash in academic, medical, psychological and philosophical circles. Occasionally its addressed directly, as in books like Charles Tart’s The End of Materialism, and Deepak Chopra’s War of the Worldviews with Leonard Mlodinow. A group of internationally known scientists released the “Manifesto for a post-Materialist Science” a couple of years ago, and the signatures on that document just keep growing.
I don’t think it’s on many people’s radar. Its happening largely below the surface of mainstream media parleyance, hardly front page news. but we are seeing the tremors and shock waves of this great paradigm collision, and especially in the response to the evidence for an ET presence on earth. The whole subject threatens those in positions of power and prestige, ensconced in, dare I say it, “old school” science.
It requires a new understanding of the nature of reality, and many are just not ready to go there. May never be. As Max Planck, Nobel laureate and originator of quantum theory famously said, “Science advances one funeral at a time.” He is also the one who said “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” One of the reasons I like Grant Cameron, is because he gets the importance of the “consciousness” piece in extraterrestrial technology. These kinds of advancements require an increase in our understanding of and ability to use consciousness. It is the new frontier.
And then there are those who actually know a lot about the role of consciousness in ET technologies, but have their own, I would hazard self-serving reasons for wanting all of this to stay hidden. They benefit from keeping people in the dark.
Lastly, I’d like to bring in am important perspective from a mentor Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, who says we need to be listening to the contactees/experiencers, — the people who have had contact with ETs, instead of ignoring them or dismissing them as demented. As she points out,
“The 70-year history of such government-military studies has been primarily focused on addressing the threat to national security.”
(I highly recommend the movie “Arrival” for accurately portraying the military mindset, and the possible benefits of other mindsets.) I’m hearing that Robert Bigelow, who awarded the $22 million Pentagon contract,did some investigation of abduction and other contact experiences, so it will be interesting to hear what the numerous reports from that research yielded as more information is made available.
Some incredibly revealing studies about contact and its predominantly positive impact on people are coming to light through FREE, Edgar Mitchell’s Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experience, and Rebecca reports on some of those results in her recent press release for the organization she launched, Institute for Exoconsciousness.
There is so much going on both in mainstream news and behind the scenes, its hard to keep up with, and to stay grounded and calm. So many of us are feeling overwhelmed by what’s coming at us, and exhausted by all the change. Nevertheless, its more important than ever at this time in our history for people to have the truth about the level of secrecy and the extent to which we’ve been deceived. This knowledge positions us for the best possible  outcome to the many crises we face.
One of the tools I’ve been using for maintaining sanity in these times are guided meditations and self-hypnosis videos by Michael Sealey If you search his name on Youtube, you will find a treasure trove of guided meditations for dealing with overthinking, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and for strengthening connection to inner sources of peace and knowing.
(thank you, Tom.)
To all of you out there who have departed from the consensus trance, I commend you for your courage in seeking the truth, and believe the potential for a good outcome is high, if we continue to pursue and spread the truth, to the best of our ability.
Peace and Blessings in this auspicious New Year,
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