Qanon as Trump Messianism?

I.e., are those who “follow” Qanon seeing him as a John the Baptist figure, enigmatically pointing the way to the global savior, Donald Trump?

One can read the material that way. Everything, as usual, depends on context, the way one frames any “data set.” (I hesitate to say “facts,” which I’ve long seen as “factoids;” and certainly in this age of info/disinfo/misinfo, info spiked with disinfo, etc., the phrase “data set” at least seems neutral, i.e., devoid of interpretation, which is, however, impossible, since any data set is viewed by a person or group or IA program with a certain (inevitably limited, biased) “point of view.” See my Alt-Epistemology collection.) Simply, there is no such thing as “value-neutral,” though we can, and do, pretend there is.

Okay, back to the subject at hand. 

Both Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Joseph Farrellare seeing the Q phenomenon this way and caution those who are caught up in it. I would agree, although, frankly, my taste for Daniel Liszt soured when, along with Bill Ryan, he trampled on Corey Goode (BTW,  I do not follow the Corey Goode material) with what seemed to me like nothing but ad hominem arguments. At that point I stopped listening to Dark Journalist; but given the intensity and range of the Q phenomenon, I decided to try one more time. In this case, he and Farrell have a lot to say, much of which I tend to agree with. Especially interesting, Liszt’s commentary on the similarity he finds with Q’s posts and their timing to how the “advertising” world works, with its “vertical/horizontal axes.”

Also interesting, their mutual view that Q is, to quote Catherine Austin Fitts, “hope porn,” as opposed to “fear porn,” claiming that fear porn doesn’t work anymore, but there’s still plenty of room for more hope porn.

Both men agree that at least most of the Q material is most likely highly accurate, coming from a source or sources deep inside the inner circle of the Trump administration. Their differences with  Q followers like (young, and naive?) Jordan Sather and Tracy Beanz together with (old and experienced) Jerome Corsi stem from the much more cynical context they give to the Q phenomenon.

Published on Jan 8, 2018

Deep State Trial Balloon/Marketing Op Aimed at Alternative Media?
In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell the author of the popular Giza Death Star Book Series. Farrell delves deeply into the online group posts of Q Anon and its rapid spread through the Alternative Media under the guise of an anonymous insider. Farrell Poses the question: Is the Q Anon material just the latest wave of sophisticated disinformation that Catherine Austin Fitts calls “Hope Porn”?

Disinformation Campaign

Farrell sees a sophisticated disinformation campaign aimed at the independent research community to create an Imitation Wikileaks style vehicle that will act as an All-knowing Oracle Insider for a variety of important Geopolitical situations.

It is apparently designed to propagate the promise of Cabal Arrests and Elites being tried at Gitmo as a kind of Soma to pacify the growing online audience that are raising questions about the actions of the Deep State on a global scale!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take nearly as much time to absorb Michael Krieger’s warning, which dovetails with the first one, without even mentioning Q.

“Looking for a Savior in a President is a Slave Mentality”


The spark that inspired this post was actually a tweet I sent out this past weekend. Its reception was very encouraging and told me that a lot of people around the world are coming to a very similar conclusion. This is really important because we can’t change things until we realize how completely ridiculous our current paradigm is.

Here’s the big secret. Human beings create the world we live in. Nothing about our governments or economy are provided to us by nature or the divine. The insufferable centralized hierarchies we live under were created by other humans that came before us, and are aggressively propagated by those currently in power. There’s absolutely no reason we need to accept these systems as permanent or perfect.

Looking for a savior in a President is a slave mentality. We need to stop being slaves. Oprah, Trump, Mark Cuban, it doesn’t matter. Nobody is coming to save you. It’s time to grow up. The real power resides in ourselves.

The world of the future will be the world we create. If we want that world to be vastly better we need to stop looking outside of ourselves for the answer. We need to look inward, find our strength and get to work. If you expect someone else to come in and fix things you’ve already lost.




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3 Responses to Qanon as Trump Messianism?

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, your reference to sovereignty offers a great starting point in the Q debate as I personally view the Q paradigm as much (if not more) a connection-of-dots rather than a harbinger of hope.

    Q offers information which the reader may then research if so inclined. For example, Q refers to recent private plane crashes in Costa Rica and Australia as being tangentially connected. The reader is FREE to pursue the subject and exercise discernment in connecting the dots to ascertain whether or not a connection exists.

    Such a paradigm is in slight yet distinct opposition to the prevailing system of information exchange wherein an author promotes personal investigation and the reader either agrees or disagrees with the author’s findings. In the Q paradigm, the reader decides whether or not to initiate personal sovereignty in the matter of information gathering and decision-making.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed. And that in itself is an extraordinary shift from passivity to possible action on the part of the reader. On the other hand. We do need to be aware of how even beings who see themselves as sovereign can be corralled into paying attention to only a certain chain of dots, for example. And how we can therefore blind ourselves to the infinity of dots that keep on appearing in every direction! To me that’s why a consideration of “framing” or “context” is always warranted.

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