Lada Ray, of Futurist Trendcast, introduces Green Acres Village to her readers

I have been following Lada Ray’s impressive multidimensional geopolitical forecasts and analyses for several years now. And so was floored when she contacted me about a year ago to ask me to write about our little retrofit intentional community growing up inside a suburban neighborhood.

She had wanted something about “daily life” for her readers. While I blog continuously on various aspects of daily life both here and on the site, I couldn’t decide how to do a “daily life” essay for her readers.

I sent her the following essay, just to show her what I had written at the request of the editor of Permaculture Design magazine — and she decided to reblog that piece! A few more months went by. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays took me on their merry paths. Two days ago, when I finally sat down to contact her again, she told me she was just then working to get the essay ready for her readers! Synchronicity abounds! (And does so, BTW, now, during the magical few days when Sun/Pluto/Venus in Capricorn sextile Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio!)

Lada told me the essay would be “up by tomorrow.” That’s today. Here it is. Note both her new intro and the extra pics she chose to go with some updated material at the end. These include references for my primary permaculture teacher, Peter Bane, and my son Colin Cudmore’s Garden Tower Project.  

Thresholds in Time and Space: Visioning A Multidimensional Permaculture Paradigm

Rebecca, in our original garden.


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