Qanon, Generational Re-bonding, and Family Life

I imagine that many of my readers are familiar with Qanon, who has been publishing enigmatic posts on 4chan and 8chan for several months. His (or her or their) method is essentially Socratic, asking questions which stimulate the reader to further research. I’ve been following Qanon, especially via the tracybeanz and jordan sather youtube channels, two young people who I’m very very glad to know are utterly awake and not only awake but functional, to the max!

Also glad to know that these young ones appreciate their elders. For example, Tracy here, speaking about Qanon with Jerome Corsi, an elder with a lifetime of experience in political and intelligence matters behind him. She clearly reveres him, as well she should! And he appreciates her immensely, as well.

Plus, Tracy has joined with others on SGTreport, another fine site, in a discussion of Qanon. I was especially interested whoever in this audio pointed out that three generations are all yearning to discover truth. The boomers (that’s me and Corsi), Gen X (the original techies), and the Millennials. This young man also recognized that by reconnecting the generations we are regenerating social bonds and moving out of the cultural apathy in which we’ve been stuck ever since President John Kennedy was brutally murdered and us boomers went into total shock, realizing that something had gone horribly wrong in Camelot.

Speaking of generational reconnection, here’s my young Green Acres Village housemates Alex and Dan, and me, and the dogs, all squeezed together on the couch. Last night, for the first time, we decided to hold a “family night,” and, at Alex’s suggestion, watched Captain Fantastic, an amazing 2016 film that details the dangers of transmogrifying into exactly what one has been preaching against.

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