The (dark/light) Matrix exists inside each of us. It is up to each of us to see through it, AND BEGIN TO EDUCATE OTHERS.

If you haven’t sat down to read the new James Risen piece in its entirety, please do. This is a detailed account of one NYT reporter (now with The Intercept) who kept fighting, year after year, to make his investigations public, in the face of the USG which censors, harnesses, and guides the MSM “news.”  Fortunately, Risen’s piece is going viral.

“It felt like being in The Matrix”: James Risen’s stunning inside story

Meanwhile, I sit here inside our mutual creation of another way of life in cozy little Green Acres Village, participating, week after week, in our Community Dinners — and not until two evenings ago, did I decide to make my own investigations public. Surprised that I did. Did not really intend to. But that afternoon I had sat in a coffee shop with my investment advisor (a radical himself, amazingly enough, which is why I chose him), and found myself explaining to him what’s going on with the USG, with Trump, and the whole pedogate/satanic ritual/organ/ baby/children/sex trafficking world-wide network — the ghastly underbelly that has infiltrated all aspects of our society.

I was frankly, shocked, that Bill, a very bright and curious man, didn’t know about all this. Stunned, once again, at how the Internet, while opening us to the wide world, has at the same time siloed us into tiny factions. The stuff I think I know may be, and probably is, light years away from what you think you know.

As Bill said to me, when I remarked that I was shocked that he hadn’t researched this stuff himself: “It’s so hard to know what to believe when you go on the Internet. I just don’t know how to begin!”

Well, for me, the seed of the intent to see through the Matrix began back in the 1980s, when, as a consulting astrologer, I was traveling regularly from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City, and a large practice working with those I called “recovering Mormons.” One of my clients, a large middle-aged woman with a stony expression, on several occasions started to tell me about the Satanic ritual abuse that she and others had endured as children. While I tried to listen patiently, and not convey my own shock and surprise, of course I didn’t believe her! Like anyone in that situation, hearing about these practices for the first time, I was naive, and didn’t want to believe it. Why? Because it’s too horrible. Nobody I know would stoop so low.

Then, in the 1990s, at my very first UFO Conference, I picked up the book Trance Formation of America, by Kathy O’Brien, who had been an MK Ultra mind control slave sex trafficked to the White House and Hillary Clinton, among others. Of course I didn’t believe O’Brien either. But I couldn’t put the book down. And from that time on, my view of Hillary Clinton darkened. I couldn’t help myself. The dark gunk was beginning to seep into me. I couldn’t avoid it.

And actually, I could say that my own awakening began much, much earlier, in fact, as a two year old, when, stunned, I woke up during a radio announcement of Hiroshima — and all the adults around me were cheering (it meant Dad would come home). Nearly all my life, you might say, I have been marked by the beast, destined to stand face to face with evil, and in my own way,  to both expose and do something about it.

So yes, dark stuff attracts me to it like a moth to the flame, always has. For decades now, ever since, at the ripe age of 40 I realized that my lifelong obsession with the extreme genocidal danger of nuclear weapons had become so hysterical that I had transmogrified into a “violent peace activist” — and fortunately, also recognized the contradiction in that phrase; right then and there, stopped activism, moved to a tiny yurt, and stared, for four long winter months, through the glass of the woodstove, re-membering  the fires of my own mental and emotional violence. Yes, ever since then, I have sought to acknowledge and integrate darkness and light within myself, rather than push the darkness away and pretend, like New Agers still do, that I only radiate light!

Nor do I want to only focus on the darkness. Indeed, most of my energies are given over to creation of, for example, this Green Acres Village and Urban Farm. My life is basically joyful. As Rebecca, my partner in this venture, remarks, “I’m surprised at how you can focus on all this horrible stuff and remain so cheerful!” Yes. For what especially cheers this truth-loving Sagittarian is the upwelling of extraordinary truthtelling during these climactic  years when more and more of us are  learning how to take off the blinkers and see through the Matrix.

Which brings me to two evenings ago, when I finally decided to speak my truth at one of our cozy little weekly Community Dinners. This was after that afternoon’s talk with Bill, so I guess my mood, of unveiling what I really think, had carried over to the dinner. Here’s the table at which I was sitting when I began to speak:

Not sure what triggered me, but it might have been someone making the usual disparaging remarks about Trump. Usually, I just keep my views to myself. But that was it. I had had enough.

So I began to speak. Slowly, coherently, and with intense seriousness. And after a minute or two, noticed one woman glance at her partner, something I have always picked up on whenever I begin to say what is really on my mind and the audience becomes acutely uncomfortable. I could just hear what was going through her mind: “This woman is crazy!” Yes, crazy with the fact that I have not been speaking my truth in my most intimate setting, at home. Crazy or not, the information riveted everyone at that table, and when the questions came, and I answered them, I could see the thick veils that had covered their minds begin to thin. At least briefly! At least for that moment! I felt sorry for them. Of course they can’t bear to believe me! Look how many years it took for me to actually acknowledge what I had been picking up on in both Salt Lake and from Kathy O’Brien!

Oh, and BTW, I’ll also never forget being at one of the UFO conferences and hearing a beautiful young man, paralyzed in a wheel chair, speak of his car accident at 18 years of age as what had saved him. He too, had been an MK Ultra mind control victim.

If you want to get up to speed on all this, there are many ways. One is to check out Fred Burks superb website, especially the Mind Control section.

Also, you might check out Liz is a courageous investigative journalist who has been pursuing this topic for decades.

And if you’re on Netflix, watch The Keepers, about a pedophile Catholic priest and his pedophile cronies. This will inform you of how pedophiles operate with impunity in rings that include both police and judges.

Meanwhile, as you realize from what I have already said, my own introduction was personal, and came prior to the internet. Way prior to the internet. And of course, because of this personal introduction, when I finally threw away my subscription to the print edition of the New York Times and went on the internet instead for “news,” my mind was focused like a laser beam, seeking to understand the shadowy stuff that had long absorbed me without my being consciously aware of it.

And now, years later, I finally find myself speaking honestly with those I live with. In this liberal Clinton-loving/Trump-hating college town, only my son Colin and I can speak about literally anything, and not have the other person consider us crazy. So thankful he lives here! But now he and I talk about starting a “Red Pill Society” here for ourselves and others who are also beginning to talk about what we have all discovered: that love him or hate him, Donald Trump is right, we must drain the swamp, and that swamp is loaded with pedophilia/satanic/trafficking network gunk, gunk that is used for control through blackmail and bribery — and that this supporating cancer is global, infecting politics, Hollywood, sports, media, religion, philanthropy, Child Protection Services, on and on, everywhere, in rural areas, small towns and large.

Here we are. It’s 2018. Time to begin to speak our truth, those of us who have been investigating the shadowy underbelly of contemporary society. As more and more of the truth gets exposed, there are going to be a lot of formerly sleeping people who go into shock, or have psychotic breaks, or erupt in mental, emotional or physical violence. We who have already swallowed the red pill are the ones who, hopefully, can help calm the others down. For above all, during this time of revelation, it’s vital to keep the peace.

Oh, and BTW: we had been expecting my son Colin to attend our Community Dinner, as usual. But he didn’t show up. Why? It turns out that he had been speaking by phone with a woman from another state who called him to ask about Bitcoin. “She feels all alone,” he tells me. “Even her husband is asleep.”

All the more reason for local Red Pill Societies. We’ve got to start speaking our minds, lest we do go crazy!


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11 Responses to The (dark/light) Matrix exists inside each of us. It is up to each of us to see through it, AND BEGIN TO EDUCATE OTHERS.

  1. Dealing with darkness and still remaining cheerful seems to be the by-product of realizing the non-duality of God….that the divine lives also within you, that you are never isolated from God even in the void of darkness.

  2. Dixie Damron says:

    Keep talking, Ann. I’m sure you are helping open eyes, ears and minds. Thank you for being your courageous self.

  3. Janice says:

    Thank you, once again, for speaking your mind and giving strength to the rest of us to do what needs to be done. I’m not good at talking, but I’m working on it!

  4. Alex Simack says:

    Yes, earlier this year I found myself marginalized and shut off from core leadership discussions in the intentional community in which I was living. It did drive me crazy! Yes, there were personal issues I had not addressed. Having these issues pointed out to you by persons within the leadership council (formal or informal) is definitely one method of diversion. And anyhow, I have had a masochistic streak at times.

    Same thing happened to me 30 years ago when I lived in a different intentional community. “People plateau,” they level off, they don’t want to go deeper.

    Moving on, it became easier to forgive both others and myself. Still, there were limits. I used to visit my previous community a couple times a year, and, after her second husband died, my first wife, who had remained in that community, found herself cherishing my company again. With her and our daughter, living with her at that time, it was exciting for me to open up about my “conspiracy theories,” and how these tied together with histories going back to the sixties and before, histories we had shared. We had met and married in 1969.

    Alas I hit a wall when I mentioned Sandy Hook. “Don’t even go there, Al. You don’t know how we teachers suffered then.” Mass induced trauma through the coopted mass media.

    Surprise follows surprise when one dives down into the “rabbit hole.” What a discovery that the Challenger disaster may have been a false trauma inducer. I remember every detail of that morning, what I was doing, the people I was working with, the pain.

    “Prove it,” they say. As if proof can be handed out like Hallowe’en candy. “Someone would have told,” they insist. Yet when they do tell they are marginalized or removed entirely. After all, an ambulance driver’s account of driving for hours around cordoned off blocks around the Boston Marathon site does not exactly make the front page. As far as he could tell, nothing had really happened, and he was eventually sent home. The same for ambulance drivers at Sandy Hook who had to park a mile from the site, run to the firehouse, where they were asked to wait and eventually sent home .

    “Hundreds of people would have had to be involved!” Oh, really? I don’t think so.
    Not once when you have the involvement of officials and mass media. It’s just like the Army where the general’s orders cannot be questioned.

    Thankfully, so grateful I am that the people are waking up. There may come a lot of vengeance seeking at first. I don’t know. It behooves each of us awakened ones to develop the strength it will require to stand before the mob.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Appreciate very much your commentary, Alex! Waking up is hard, a long, slow, slogging process for most, including myself, ever since the Kennedy assasination. That jolted me out of the culturally induced spell of feeling grateful that I lived in America.

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