Centralization vs. Decentralization — and Beyond: From Cryptos to Nature’s “delicate interdependence”

One feature attracts me greatly to cryptocurrencies: the claim that the structure and function of the “blockchain” decentralizes the flow of currency so that the big banks are no longer needed. It’s been clear to me and many others for a long time that centralization and hierarchical pyramidal structures must fracture into tiny bits and pieces if we are to actually break through the matrix and “on to the other side.” This, to me is the central task of primal, birth/death/rebirth Pluto in structural Capricorn (2008 – 2025). Here’s what I wrote in early 2011:

Pluto in Capricorn, Then and Now

And remember, this Plutonian upending of the old structure will most likely be felt in spades when Saturn, which has just entered Capricorn, conjuncts Pluto (2019-2020). See my recent post:

The Spiraling Context of the Upcoming Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Here’s an interesting post by Charles Hugh Smith claiming that corruption inevitably results from the process of centralization.

It’s Not About Democracy: Control Fraud Is the Core of Our Political System

Son Colin, a cryptocurrency advocate, sent me a long video early this morning. I plan to watch it during my usual 2 a.m. sleepless slot tonight.

Today I did manage to catch an old 13-minute interview of the same author with Abby Martin, then on RT. (A few years ago she switched to her own program: Empire Files.)

All of which reminds me to remind you: Nature does not use money! Nor does she centralize! Here’s a lovely 2 minute introduction to a daughter’s documentary of one of my heroes back in the ’70s, Gregory Bateson, Ecology of Mind, which focuses on Nature’s “delicate interdependency” of all species. Bateson says that not even he is immune from the human tendency to abstract, conceptualize, name, and then state “this is not that.” He confesses: “There are times when I catch myself, thinking that there is something, which is separate from something else.”

Finally, in this climactic era of stunningly furious opposition, here’s a beautiful example of someone who dissolved the usual line of separation: check out this remarkable twitter exchange:

Sarah Silverman’s twitter exchange with a would be troll will give you hope for 2018.


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