New Year’s Day Heralds Year’s Largest Super Moon

I notice that this news is all over the MSM. It appears that even “normies” are beginning to grok the significance of synchronicities?

Year’s Largest Super Moon on January 1, 2018

The actual time of the Super Moon is 9:24 p.m. EST 1/1/18. Chart for Bloomington, Indiana, where I live, looks like this:

Notice the stellium in Capricorn. Saturn (which entered Capricorn on December 19, 2017) at 1°31 Capricorn, plus Dark Moon, Venus, Sun, Pluto, and the Vertex. Let’s just look at Saturn/Venus/Sun/Pluto. (I don’t “read” the others, though the program I use includes them.)

Saturn heading into Capricorn, where it will fuse with Pluto during 2019-20. Please read the following, for a contextual overview:

The Spiraling Context of the Upcoming Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

One might say that this Super Moon is the first harbinger of what is to come over the next 3 years as Saturn puts its form-giving stamp on the destructuring and restructuring of western civilization initiated by death/rebirth Pluto starting in 2008, when it moved into Capricorn and the central banks almost went down.

And please do read or reread the post on Saturn entering Capricorn

Saturn enters Capricorn December 19, 2017

so that you can attune to the shift in the world winds spurred by the entrance of the most serious, karmic planet into its own sign, where it operates more powerfully than usual.

I got confirmation of this via one of my young millennial friends who, burdened of course with student debt, decided to take his debt seriously, move back home for one year, work in a factory and pay the entire thing off. In his case $25 K, so doable. This was a huge deal for him, even to think that way, to buckle down to the inevitable, and as he says, “pay it off before my Saturn Return!” (At age 30). In other words, he’s going to position himself to be ready to start over.

After he had come to this decision, he then read my piece on Saturn entering Capricorn. Needless to say, it blew him away to realize how in tune he was with the zeitgeist.

On January 1, the day of the Super Moon at 11°37 Cancer/Capricorn, we are challenged to integrate two sides of one coin, the seeming opposites of Cancer (watery, deeply vulnerable, private, sign of home and family and tribal allegiance) and Capricorn (earthy, detached, public, sign of the structures which regulate society). One example that is being repeated all across this country: What policies need to be in place to feed and house the homeless?

So, we might say, the Super Moon of January 1 sets the tone of the year to come. Constantly, we will be asked to integrate seeming opposites, rather than come down on one side or the other. Constantly, we will be asked to absorb the complexity in life, rather than attempt to simplify it, focus on one element and ignore the rest.

At the time of the Super Moon, when the Moon is “perigree,” closest to Earth, the Sun has just passed Venus in Capricorn, and only seven degrees from Pluto. One might say that the Sun’s passage over Pluto, seven days from the day of the Super Moon, or January 8, will briefly illuminate the complexity of the issues we will be working with over this year, a year which itself, since Saturn has entered Capricorn, is an initial harbinger for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2019-2020.

Note also, in the Full Moon chart, the helpful conjunction between Mars and Jupiter, at 14° and 17° in the middle of the depths of Scorpio, sextile (60°, a harmonious aspect) to the Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio pulsing with power, signifies gut instinct, courage, and energy to ignite whatever needs to be set in motion.

A big day, this New Years Day. A day worthy of Sacred Ceremony, especially during the exact time of the Super Moon itself, 9:46 p.m.

I offer you a wild harbinger of this upcoming harbinger day, a photo of a red tail hawk, taken from my porch, yesterday, December 29, as the old year ends, only three days prior to the New Year’s Super Full Moon.

As soon as I took the picture, the hawk flew off, shrieking, leaving me and housemate Dan with Hawk’s Capricorn message, to examine life from a higher perspective, and then to swoop in, shrieking, to land sudden opportunities. In other words vision (supplied during the two and a half years when Saturn was in Sagittarius), now propelled into a plan of action (Saturn in Capricorn).




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