End of Year Series continues: Cabal takedown and PEDOGATE news

At the end of 2010 I decided to drop my daily subscription to the print edition of the New York Times. That “newspaper of record” had followed me and my late husband Jeff from our yurt in wild Wyoming (where it arrived a few days late) to Bloomington Indiana, in 2003. Originally a gift from my father-in-law Amos Joel, I had grown to rely on it over the years. But then, for some strange reason, I suddenly stopped. Went cold turkey from what I soon learned to call MSM, or mainstream news.

Instead, since I have been a news junkie ever since I learned how to read as a five-year-old (when I would scan the headlines to see how close we were to nuclear war), I started to delve into the internet. The following month, end of January 2011, I began this blog, and have been going ever since, deeper and deeper into various rabbit holes that open up whererever one cares, or dares, to look!

The following compilation will be another in what’s turning into an end-of-year series. Having surrendered myself for nearly seven years now to ferreting out likely “truth,” and trails of “truth” on the internet, I offer my own dot-connections to my readers, so that we don’t all have to do the same thing! On the other hand, if you notice, I try very hard not to say that I’m absolutely sure about anything, because I’m not. Rather, my commitment is to continue to open my own mind, to expand to hold many different points of view in mind at once without having to definiteively decide between them. This is what I call Alt-Epistemology, the learned capacity to not need to clamp into any particular perspective, since when be-lie-ved, that perspective also limits, puts blinkers on, our perceptions as we move forward. Thus, I’d rather hold a circumconscious “point of view,” or rather, really, an “expanding spacious that holds all sorts of points.”

From locking into points and declaring “certainty” to expanding into space joyfully, that’s my M.O.!

Okay, so here goes today. I have watched and absorbed all these videos and pieces, most of them while still lying in bed, early this morning.

The first, and most significant, Liz Crokin, the renowned, and deeply courageous pedogate investigative journalist, brings us up to date via the SGT Report. I’d say this is the single best compilation of what appears to be going down that I’ve found.

At the end of the above video Liz promises that once certain videos are released to the public from the Anthony Wiener laptop, the involvement of the Clintons in pedophilia, and worse, will be made clear. Which is curious, since on this very morning I discover this post:

State Department Will Release 2800 of Huma Abedin’s work documents — TOMORROW

True? I have no idea.

Meanwhile, here’s some twitter chatter. This entire scenario reminds me of when we New Agers used to talk about the 100th monkey phenomenon. It appears that we’re reaching that critical mass, when it will be very difficult for anyone to deny the deeply devastating nature of what the murderous, pedophiliac, human trafficking, young blood drinking, Satan-worshiping “elites” have been doing and promoting for decades, if not centuries.


And, for those who are just now revving up to speed, here’s Jordan Sather, his take on “Q”

Or, more succinctly, check this out, what Liz Crokin just put on her fb feed: “Q is the new Deep Throat.”

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2 Responses to End of Year Series continues: Cabal takedown and PEDOGATE news

  1. rose day says:

    Liz Crokin makes an astute observation regarding the slow, steady leak of information
    related to systemic pedophilia within institutions normally held in esteem. The depth of the depravity is so incredibly horrific that full-on exposure could initiate not only collective breakdown but more importantly, a mind-numbing disbelief that ironically enables the practice to flourish worldwide as it has done throughout the ages.

    The ancient and institutionally-sanctioned system of what today is termed pedophilia is a subject so convoluted that approaches to exposure are fraught with contradiction as well as peril and invoke divine guidance like no other. Kudos (and prayers) to all in the present endeavor.

  2. alex simack says:

    Bully for you Ann dropping the NYT!

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