Contextualizing American History to this “point” in time

Back in my high school and undergraduate years, I remember my feelings about so-called “history.” To wit: that whatever so-called “causal chains” were plucked out of the infinitely streaming presence were arbitrary, and depended on the author’s point of view. Every point of view is of course, unique, since no two people occupy the same body, with the same eyes, the same angle of vision.

Back then, I couldn’t have articulated my misgivings, or suspicions; nor did I trust my own point of view. All I knew was, when it came to any version of his-story, I just couldn’t get it to cement in place, form a conceptual helmet inside my mind. Instead, I tended to treat all versions of history as speculative. And still do.

Speculate, from the Latin speculum: a mirror.

We look in the mirror and see what we expect to see. And what we expect to see depends on our prior assumptions, the unproved and unprovable linguistic and philosophical forms that yield, via the transmission pipes of “logic,” so-called “truth,” or, to be more precise, one’s version of truth, from one’s speculative point of view.

With this introduction in mind, here are three versions of his-story of the U.S.A.

First the most abstract (and damning) overview, from when this nation began, in the genocide of Native Americans:

America has been at war 93 percent of the time — 222 out of 239 years

The next, one version of the personal toxic stream from which all the wars, and all sorts of other nasty corruption, stems:

American History: Q. The greatest theorized version of American history never told

And finally, David Wilcock’s latest, which brings us up to date on his version of the exciting, seemingly climactic moment we now find ourselves in, knowing that something HUGE is unfolding around us, but not having any details, only clues — 4,000, or is it 10,000 “sealed indictments;” a plane to Tokyo heading back to LAX after four hours and numerous planes heading to Guantanamo; Disney power out, Atlanta Airport power out for 11 hours and yet one Israeli plane allowed to leave half way through; politicos (including HRC and McCain) with “boots” that may camouflage “ankle bracelets;” 44,000 troops unaccounted for — are they arresting the 10,000? (Or are they serving in the Secret Space Program?) Most significantly, Trump’s EO, or Executive Order, conveniently overshadowed by his much heralded and maligned tax overhaul bill. This EO was signed and published on the holiest day of the year, Winter Solstice, December 21. Which made the picture of the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware the night of December 25-26  that appeared on bothQ and the DOD twitter feed seem hugely important; on and on.

Question: Was Donald Trump George Washington in another incarnation? He certainly has the stature, and the ease, especially lately. As if the complex currents in the swirling hurricane surrounding him are food, grist for his gigantic ego mill. In this context see:

Only Trump Can Destroy Deep State

Finally, we have David Wilcock’s long identification and analysis of current events:

Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure

Oh, and one more, Michael Salla’s ambivalent view of the same or similar set of events:

Trump’s Executive Order Targets the Deep State and Ends with a Warning




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2 Responses to Contextualizing American History to this “point” in time

  1. alice says:

    I enjoy your postings and was first attracted by your urban permeculture experiences. I now resonate with your questioning of how our world appears to be operating. Thank you for what you share, there is so much to be aware of.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks Alice! Above and Below, always, interconnected. Too many of us are interested in one or the other, rather than both!

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