End of 2017, a few early perspectives: numerology, chronologies, December finales

No doubt there will be many more perspectives, as pundits both alternative and mainstream attempt to make sense of, good clear sense of! — the tumultuous, rapidly enlightening, devastating, apocalyptic year known as 2017.

First, we should remember that 2017 was a “1” year numerologically 2+0+1+7=10=1: in other words, a once-every-nine-years period of new beginnings. Which puts the upcoming year, 2018, as a “2” year, a year when each “1” works with other “1”s, to form relationships, hopefully diplomatic ones, rather than conflictual. 2+0+1+8=11, which reduces to a 2.

The 11 is a master number. Two 1’s, cooperating, as equals, in harmony. When tension and conflict does occur, it’s because one of the 1’s, or both, try to “get power over” the other, rather than view the other as an equal. The Other is always an equal. Hopefully, the world will be learning that lesson during the upcoming “2” year.  

Anyone who is waking up, “taking the red pill,” (and how many Christmas dinner conversations turned on this kind of awakening? how many family relationships ruined, how many radically reconfigured?) is intensely aware that enormous changes went down in 2017. That this year truly has felt like a “new beginning,” and not just because the Heyoka in Chief, Donald J. Trump became President and immediately inserted his swashbuckling ways into the traditional decorum. Both those for and against Trump assume that he’s the one who started the ball rolling. And maybe so. Or maybe his ascendancy is an expression of what’s going on within us. The restlessness, the fury, the determination to overcome. The continuous popping of bubbles created by official brainwashing that has kept us dumbed down for decades. Centuries? Millennia?

Whatever the “cause,”  the number and variety of “truth bombs” that have begun to cripple the usual matrix structures of power, including MSM media, politicians, Hollywood and other celebrities on and on — is truly astounding, though to what future scenario is still unknown. There are of course, numerous ways to identify “dots,” (facts, or factoids) and numerous ways to “connect the dots,” (seeing patterns, figures upon a ground) leading to diverse perspectives (sometimes called “conspiracies”) on the identification and flow of what was most important during this past astonishing year and why. I offer a few of them here.

Mike Adams points to Matt Agorist, of The Free Thought Project:

 Ten “conspiracies” that became FACT in 2017

Pedogate Investigator Liz Crokin points to an excellent twitter compilation of this year’s events by Joseph Masepoes, where he begins:

The advent of the mysterious, but clearly political insider “Q” back in October has stimulated many to solve the ongoing puzzle of trying to figure out what he (or she, or they) means by the irregular eruptions of enigmatic remarks. And recently, the seeming congruence, and even mirroring, by both Trump’s tweets and yesterday, the DOD publishing the same photo of a painting (of Washington Crossing the Delaware on the night of December 25-26!) and all of course dealing with what Trump and now others call “The Storm,” have us on the edge of our seats during this long winter season that begins with the finale of the ‘1″ year and heads on into the “2.”

Here’s Bernie Suarez, with a good compilation of recent “Storm” news.

I think everyone would agree that the doozer of a finale came this month, on December 16, when the NYT (and other MSM media) actually admitted the existence of ET/UFO reality, for the very first time, and what’s more, without the usual ridicule. “Disclosure,” folks, is here, though it’s now up to us to make sure that the MSM doesn’t corral us all into falling for the official narrative of what it all means. Above all: do not fall into the trap of thinking all ETs are “evil,” and constitute a “threat.” That’s just an excuse to ramp up military spending even more.

Finally, here’s Jerome Corsi on the significance of the recent Executive Order that reminds more than just me of what the recent purge in Saudi Arabia. (Oh, I know, I know, it comes from infowars, so it must be bullshit, right? Wrong. Listen to Corsi, please, even if you can’t stomach the hotheaded Alex Jones.)

And here’s Jerome Corsi’s latest, connecting the resignation of Google’s Eric Schmidt  to that EO.



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  1. Janice says:

    Thanks for the numerology lesson. Knowing now that 2018 is a “2” year gives me something hopeful to focus on.

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