The spiraling context of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction

As Saturn enters Capricorn, it heads now towards its periodic conjunction with Pluto, which will occur in 2019-2020. Meanwhile, we are already reaping the results of crucial events from the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions of 1947 and 1982.

BTW: when understanding the multidimensional nature of the invisible  time/space frequency field enveloping this planet, it helps to think, not only in cycles, but in spirals. Each time a planet, or in this case, two planets in conjunction, return to greet each other again — for Saturn and Pluto this happens to be every 35 to 37 years — we can, if we are aware, consciously spiral either higher (and more detached) or lower (and more gut-wrenchingly alive) via our gradually increasing comprehension of both prior and current events.

Which makes me realize that now — when E.T. is being admitted by none other than the DOD of the USG, and officially promoted through its “paper of record” the NYT (along with wapo and many other MSM media outlets); and, when this official recognition happened to occur on December 16, only three days before Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19th — we are already undergoing the initial preparatory stages of the upcoming conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, in 2019-2020.

Let’s face it, folks. This conjunction is going to be a real doozy!

1947 saw both the Roswell incident, which initiated 70 years of official UFO secrecy (along with the “ridicule” attitude to dismiss it), and the birth of the CIA. Meanwhile, those in the know realize that ET has been monitoring this planet all along, especially focusing on our dangerous nuclear facilities. See Robert Hastings, UFO and Nukes.

In 1982, one million people demonstrated in Central Park, NYC. This largest demonstration in U.S. history was the culmination of the Nuclear Freeze movement that began in 1980. Meanwhile, the film E.T.: The Extraterrestrial promoted a benign view of our visitors. In 1982, the U.S. also entered a period of severe recession.

If we combine the resonances of these big news events from the initiations of the two Saturn/Pluto cycles 1947 and 1982, we can then “expect” that in 2019-20 we will be dealing with economic recession, further recognition (and dismantling?) of the perfidious, insidious CIA, (and centralized banks, due to decentralized cryptocurrencies?) (and the dismantling of horrifically poisonous nuclear weapons and power plants?); and, most significantly, that we will be incorporating a much deeper, sustained and acknowledged contact with E.T., which will in turn, introduce us to the scientific and spiritual breakthroughs that enable E.T. to travel instantaneously throughout the multiverse.

Meanwhile, here’s a comprehensive piece on the multiple resonances of the ignition of that Saturn/Pluto cycle in 1947.

1947: The Year That Changed Everything, 70 Years On


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2 Responses to The spiraling context of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction

  1. Janice says:

    I appreciate thinking of spirals rather than cycles–moving higher or lower rather than in circles.
    I was born in 1947 and wasn’t aware of the other momentous events of that year!

  2. Laura Bruno says:

    Oh, yeah … I forgot about this post and this upcoming alignment. It goes perfectly with your earlier seed/bursting into growth analogy … or … like organic popcorn, which I’m sure we’ll all need soon. 😉

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