Reflections upon my actual Birthday, December 19

Note: see post from two days ago. This is a continuation.

Okay. Let me get this straight for myself, several powerful influences sitting right upon my natal Sun as it received its annual visit from transit Sun yesterday, on my birthday. Let’s see if I can untangle them, absorb and integrate them one by one.

I am one of those people born at the northern hemisphere’s annual time of endarkenment, just two days prior to Winter Solstice. I consider these powerful few days, when the light begins, finally, to renew itself, as by far the most sacred, hushed period in the annual cycle of the Sun around the Earth.

Usually, I spend the week surrounding my birthday in solitude. Circumstances didn’t work out that way this year. Saturnine plans, foiled! Deal with it, Ann!

I’m not really surprised, since this year, after 30 years, Saturn has just now returned to the Winter Solstice point! In fact, Saturn actually crossed from philosophical  Sagittarius to 0°00 of practical Capricorn yesterday! On my birthday!

So yes, while my naturally fiery self (born at sunrise, so Sun and Ascendant (and Mars) in Sagittarius) cannot help but radiate with energy and optimism, just now it decidedly does not, and sits instead, squashed by Saturn’s “heavy vibes.” Saturn insists that I slow down, way down, pay attention to every single nanosecond, deal with what realistically IS (Capricorn), not what I idealistically vision it to be (Sagittarius). Geez, no wonder I’ve been out of sorts. This is just so not me!

On the other hand, I know full well that my miniscule problems as a privileged white American pale in the face of the billions of largely invisible humans here and elsewhere who scramble daily, while sickly and starving, for scraps of food, tiny sips of polluted water, warmth, and a relatively safe place to lay their and their children’s heads at night . . .

After three days waiting, the plumber is here. He sits in front of the open kitchen sink cupboard, looking at what’s inside, contemplating what to do. Finally decides that he has to cut a pipe. BTW: the tangled contraption of pipes down under there was set up weirdly by an old lover of mine 14 years ago (1/2 of a Saturn cycle ago!).  . .

Oh wow, almost forgot that Mercury turned to go retrograde on exactly that same 29° Sagittarius/0° Capricorn Solstice point, on December 3, and will turn to go direct on December 22, after three weeks at Sagittarius 13°, and then finally cross back over the Solstice point on January 11. Will I start to see straight then? Sun, Saturn, Mercury, all three with natal Sun, and Solstice, all at once. Not just squashed, but condensed to a heavy heavy stone . . .

20 minutes later . . . plumber has diagnosed the problem: grease buildup has clogged the pipe all the way down.  Says he needs to send someone else out, who won’t get here until tomorrow morning, to “flush the line.” Oh my! And we have our Solstice Feast, Ceremony and Celebration here tomorrow evening . . .?

Pay attention, Ann. Slow down. Notice and breathe into the stuckness; live with it. Step by step. Patience with the process.

Okay, so back to yesterday. Colin and I had a great time in Indianapolis; spending about seven hours together, talking as usual on the way up and while eating lunch, further educating ourselves afterwards at the Native American Museum, then listening and interacting with Jordan Sather’s daily video on the way back. As Colin puts it: “I’m so grateful to Jordan! Now I don’t have to do so much research every day. I can just watch what he pays attention to.” Ditto. I agree. He and Tracy Beanz and a few others.

Here’s what I put on facebook this morning, after sending the pic as a text message to a few folks yesterday, including my siblings. From the pic you’d never know what I’m going through inside. Or maybe, when I get with Colin, the Saturn influence all just disappears for the time being! Colin, my Aquarian kid, ruled by electric Uranus, which is still, BTW, sitting in late Aries, in a harmonious trine with Saturn, the Solstice point, and my natal and transit Suns.


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