Yesterday’s Partial Disclosure announcement was a BIG DEAL. WHY?

Here’s my original story on that.

Because, at least according to long-time UFOlogist Grant Cameron, the USG itself is disclosing, and doing so without the usual ridicule.

But, what we have to ask is Why? And why now? What is the hidden agenda? How are they wanting to skew this announcement. What do they want us to be-lie-ve? And from what is this announcement a distraction?

I noted that politico and the NYT posted on this subject yesterday. What I didn’t realize was that WaPo and the BBC did so too. So this appears to be a coordinated MSM rollout folks, controlled by the CIA.

Here’s the email that my UFO buddy Joan Bird sent out to her list:

UFO List – A friend in Sheridan, WY sent a link to a Dec. 7 article in the Casper Star-Tribune about Wyoming’s declassified Blue Book UFO reports.  Why now? I wondered, unless the Tom Delonge “To the Stars Academy” announcement is actually being picked up by the media, and they are getting cleared to publish serious articles about UFOs (or UAPsUnidentified Aerial Phenomenon, in current preferred jargon.)

 Here’s the link for Wyoming’s declassified UFO reports from the 1950s and ’60s

However, that was only a preview of the current eruption of UFO articles in mainstream media, seemingly in response to the revelations of Luis Elizondo about the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.” According to the Washington Post article, the existence of this program was acknowledged by a Pentagon spokesperson today (Dec. 16), and it came in response to media inquiries regarding the “To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences.”
Friends have sent me links to articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC News and Politico, so I am passing those on to you.

To reiterate what Grant Cameron said, because so many of the people on DeLonge’s board have CIA connections, Cameron believes this disclosure effort is being orchestrated by the CIA, and may have another agenda in mind, other than truthful disclosure. ?

 Thanks to all of you for alerting me to this media blitz, and sending so many interesting links. Carry on!

[BTW: I too, was alerted to these news stories from friends — thank you Andreas and David!]

And here’s Grant Cameron himself, who posted earlier with an announcement that Tom Delonge’s “To the Stars” rollout was run from behind the scenes by the CIA. He also posted yesterday on this same topic, corroborating his former assumptions, in a video that I watched in the middle of the night and can no longer find! So here’s the original one.



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  1. annick says:

    Re Alliens, this is a very funny short story that I hope will make you laugh as much as I did when I read it. 🙂

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