Pentagon to employ an army of 2400 independent auditors in 2018. Finally!


This is truly exciting news. Thanks to Jordan Sather for the tip.

Pentagon starting first ever financial audit

This glaring omission has long been noted. For example:

The Pentagon Has Never Been Audited. That’s Astonishing.

Meanwhile, Trump has asked for a $52 billion budget increase for 2018! (Hmmm. As usual, I’d like to give him the benefit of my doubt. So: is that what the audit will cost?)

I remember as a kid, transfixed by the stupid human propensity to continuously design, build, and test more and more destructive weapons for killing each other off, asking my Dad: WHY? His answer puzzled me. I now realize it was a stock answer, fed to him by the mind control programming of the 1950s: military spending eventually turns into civilian applications. So we should support military spending. What? That never did make sense.

And then of course, there’s the horrible comprehension that the entire economy is and has long been threaded through with continuous, decades-long, militarization. That the U.S. is, indeed, a WAR ECONOMY. From alphabet agencies, to national and state budgets, to aerospace and weapons manufacturers, to big tech and IT corporations, to construction companies, to violent video games and films, to university grants for defense applications, on and on, literally most aspects of this increasingly insane culture are in some way tied to continuous expansion of military spending. Meanwhile, public infrastructure rots, innocent children are neglected, abused, trafficked and murdered, politicians are blackmailed or bribed, opioid and other forms of addiction drag entire families and communities into hell, prisons burst at the seams, small businesses close down. On and on. And all for what?

Here’s what Ron Paul has to say about military spending and its effects on the economy:

Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security


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