For friends and family who think you’re either paranoid or crazy or both!

Seemingly parallel to the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the presidency, the word “deep state” has emerged to refer to some sort of monolithic, unelected, deeply corrupt and cancerous structure that runs on underneath our so-called democratic (s)elections. Arjun Walla does a great job of compiling quotes by former presidents to buttress this idea that nothing is as it seems.

The deep state components that make up the ‘secret government’

It’s no wonder Trump wants to set up his own personal spy network to help detect and drain what he colorfully decided to call the D.C. “swamp.”

BTW: For more possible context, you might want to check this out: Interesting perspective on the whole “Jerusalem” question as well.

Hmmm.  .  . A little question worms its way in:

But is the Donald part of the deep state?

No idea. He certainly might be. But if so, why do the controlled MSM and most politicians hate him so much?

And see Ed Abbey above. We really DON’T know. So it’s good to keep on gathering larger and larger perspectives on the rot that infects our society while also, at the same time, and with an even stronger focus, pay attention to what’s right, what’s good, and what we, each of us personally, is meant to be doing with our one wild and precious life. Not just sitting around waiting for the ax to fall or the bomb to go off; instead, moment by moment, breathing deeply, we center ourselves, and consciously focus on what’s right in front of us, what we personally are attuned to, and can help shift in the direction of loving kindness.



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