Three strong stories: Trump as Houdini, Deep State in tatters?, and the ultimate “suicide machine.”

As I scan the internet, I sometimes run across pieces that make me either chuckle or nod my head in stunned agreement. Here are three such.

This definitely drew a chuckle. To think one can confine wild man Trump (Sun conjunct unpredictable Uranus in Gemini opposite Full Moon in Sagittarius) is hilarious. On the other hand, we can witness this kind of archetypal conflict as the two polarized ways of being on 3D earth: Centralized Control vs. — what? Every man for himself? Decentralized chaos and/or opensource networking? A bit of both, it seems.

Trump Holding Secret Evening Meetings With Aides to Evade Kelly’s West Wing Clampdown

In any case, Trump, with his “social media” savvy, does seem to be well on his way to heaving the wrecking ball into the ever-expanding static, unelected, bureaucratic state (Deep State, Dark State, Shadow Government) that sits like a humungous broody hen, laying toxic eggs.

Speaking of which: Truth Bombs and the Power of the Internet, or:

Deep State Collapsing, CIA Being Defanged, Shadow Government Defeat Inevitable

Well, maybe. If you’re like me, you’ll keep a wary, detached eye upon the ugly, unsustainable mess we’ve created with our hunger for more and more “stuff” as we work to bring another, viable future into play. For me, it’s this blog and Green Acres Village and Urban Farm. And then, when I’m done, I’m done!

It’s interesting how the idea of deciding when to leave this plane is now coming into public awareness. I’ve known that this is what I will do for decades, and mostly likely, I won’t wait until I’m thoroughly parasitic on those around me. Rather, I’d like to go out consciously, with ceremony, and please, do NOT call it “suicide,” with its connotation of sin, failure or crime.

My own choice, at least at this point, is to reinvigorate my tendency, when young, to have out-of-body experiences, and thus at some point, to let those I love know that this day will be the one in which I let go, while sitting or lying in a meditative state.

Why wouldn’t I take advantage of SARCO (see below)? (Strange name; feels evil, somehow. Why? Oh wait! The name echoes “sarcophagus”). Because, just as I chose natural childbirth for my two children, I also want to move through the ultimate bodily experience we call “death” consciously, rather than just shut myself down like a light switch.

Zerohedge gave this idea an alarmist title.

3D-Printed Suicide-Machine Ushters in a Silent Genocide

Alternet chose a different title — and story. Google “Sarco suicide”:  Lots of MSM and alt-media have picked this news up and slanted it according to their bias and/or fear. It is an idea whose time has come, now that my generation, the Me Generation with Pluto in Leo (born 1938-1958) — those of us who do remain consciously aware, still alive to our inner needs while choosing always to “do our thing”and “express ourselves fully” — begin to face the inevitable end of corporeal life.

High-Tech Suicide Machine Makes Death a Painless, Peaceful, Optimal Way to Go

Love the “lift-off” angle to the Sarco. And that it can be reused. YES! But I still want to perform the finale to this embodied life naturally, the way animals and some eastern monks do.

Hmmm. I wonder why I chose to put these three stories together. Not sure. But each one kind of forces a strong about-face, or maybe a kind of dizzying kaleidoscopic whirl, with so-called 3-D “reality” setting in differently once absorbed.


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