Jordan Sather on Uranium One

If you haven’t yet discovered Jordan Sather’s work, I’d suggest you do so. About a week ago, I told my son Colin about it, and now he makes sure to watch Sather’s daily videos. “It’s easy!” He says. “Now I don’t have to spend so much time myself!” In other words, Colin used to spend hours scouring the internet for the nuggets he considered important. Now he just trusts Sather to do the same, and recognizes the apparent validity of both Sather’s way of identifying important dots, and of connecting those dots into multiple perspectives.

I tend to agree. And ask you to pay attention especially to Sather’s second post yesterday, which contains his personal diagnosis of what happened with Uranium One — a sting operation by the Russian government to catch the greedy ones in the act and then hand the story over to America — is utterly brilliant, and frankly, I have little doubt that this is, indeed, what happened. Notice that the perps are now beginning to pay the price.

More and more, it feels as if everything geopolitical is part of some vast, overarching drama, orchestrated precisely and even fairly smoothly, considering all the volatile moving parts. Really? Could it be? I ask myself. And if so, how??? Are we all just characters in a grand video game being played in a larger dimension?

Enough with the conjecture. Here you go.

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