Alt-Epistemology: Trolling the Internet, Alt-News, so much, so much!

My morning routine, each day, is to sort through stuff I’m finding that either surprises me or makes me think or feels intuitively right, no matter how wild, and save it all as notes for future reference and possible reposting with commentary. This first video I saved three days ago, and noted then: “Real news. If you tune into this you’ll have it in a nutshell.” But then promptly forgot! There’s just so much else happening, on so many levels — inside me, in my household and village, neighborhood, region, on out to geopolitical and galactic! — and so much of it utterly fascinating! The Destroying the Illusion group on fb, for example, could be endlessly mined for all the amazing stories being unearthed. Truly, we are in an age when independent citizen journalists are open-sourcing each others’ research, helping each other to find, sort through, discern, summarize, get lots of perspectives on while staying open to whatever‘s next — the unbelievably astonishing array of seemingly brand-new “news” that does seem to be turning this entire civilized world upside down.

Oh, and BTW: have you noticed how the stronger, more intense the geopolitical storm, the more Trump leans his huge body into the wind? I sense that he positively relishes the unfolding world-wide drama; that his old warrior’s heart  relishes both what’s going down and the role he appears to have been destined to play.

After the first video, then I watched a second, same source, from today.

Meanwhile, note that Assange has now published a list of MSM reporters invited to collude with getting Hillary elected. That Fox News was not included, says a lot.

The WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top HIllary Advisors.

The latest Jordan Sather video has him offering both a terrestrial and a galactic interpretation of the latest enigmatic 4chan post. That these posts are being dangled in front of us now feels both suspicious and auspicious to me. Can’t decide which, or which is which! Just goes to show how truly out of our league we are when we pretend to attempt to figure out what’s happening rather than just surfing the waves as they lift us to the heavens and plunge us into the abyss, time and time again.

P.S. Got your dramamine?

Oh shoot! Now why did I just now think of that old Rawhide song? The one my best friend Mary and I used to watch as teenagers, enthralled. I look at it now and think, each piece of news is like a squirrly “doggie” — we’re trying to round ’em up, keep ’em movin’ — so that soon “we’ll be livin’ high and wide.”



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