Trump Triumphant?!?

Could this be? Could this really be?

How Mueller and President Trump Are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History


URANIUMGATE  Explodes: The White Hats Are About to Indict the Black Hats 

If so, then:

Trump Conquers the New World Order

BTW: Just because I post this flow above, doesn’t mean I be-lie-ve it. However, I do find it more plausible than any other perspective to date.

If you recall, I pointed out very early on that Trump has what it takes to actually become “the greatest president ever.” I was basing my assessment on my reading of his unusually powerful astrological chart.

Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.


Post-Election, Day One: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

Now I’m correlating that assessment with the pattern that seems to be emerging from the dots I and others are connecting.

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