Weekend News, Local and Global: Let’s get serious and celebrate!

So much to pay attention to, so little time! Today, just as predicted “strong storms” move in, I go to an old hippie church in the boondocks of nearby Brown County for a 2 p.m. concert given by John and Andreas, two of the beautiful young men (all three doctoral students in music) living in the second DeKist house of our tiny, increasingly potent Green Acres Village. (They hosted last Thursday’s fabulous Dia de los Muertos dinner and celebration.)

Afterwards, I turn around immediately, still in stormy weather, and head to downtown Bloomington, for the fifth and final workshop at 4 p.m. put on by John Galuska to bring local urban growers together. The question this time: what now? How do we continue to interweave our various resources, skills and tools, leveraging us all to a new level?

Yesterday, housemate Dan and I borrowed the Dandelion Village truck to go get more straw. So we’re already taking that next step. “The keys are above the visor,” said Kevin. “Just put some gas in it when you’re done.” OK!

Meanwhile, of course, I have one eye glued on “the news,” given this fateful weekend, when the much-vaunted ANTIFA protests failed, and Saudi Arabia (of all places!) took the lead in pulling the plug to drain the global swamp. In case you haven’t heard:

In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens of Others in Cabinet Crackdown

All sorts of possible implications here, including how this news connects to both the Las Vegas false flag and pedogate. And of course, the Clintons! Podestas! Huma! And so on and on. One bit of news has one of the Podestas already arrested. See the 4-chan material. Lots of bloggers and citizen investigators are citing it right now, including Kauilapele, Liz Crokin, and Jordan Sather. Sorry, don’t have time to get urls for all these.

And, as one of my middle-of-the-night videos put it (which one? Sorry, don’t remember), if that Prince can be arrested, so can the Clintons, who are not as powerful in the USG as was this prince in his own kingdom.

Both Democratic and Republican parties seem to be self-destructing, meanwhile trickster DJT sails high above and beyond, out of the country for 12 whole days.

Here’s a tweet from him, dated 2012:

Who among us still thinks he’s just plain crazy, rather than crazy like a fox?




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