November 4: Let us invoke the zone of joyful celebration

In other words, we can counter today’s “predicted” chaos. If we dare. If we care. If we recognize the power of creation, both individually and collectively. Rather than being seduced into either mob rule or fearful cowering, let us stand up and be counted.

Yes. Make that one authentic choice, no matter what the consequences, and the entire world rearranges itself.


November 4th Warnings…

Friday, November 3, 2017

MI6 issuing alert to field personnel – disruptions expected.

MI5 monitoring situation in London for November 4th…

NSA and CIA now taking potential disruptions seriously for November 4th…

National Guard in some states told to “stand ready”.

White survivalist militia forming up in some states.

In the US, the DOD still intent on black out drills for November 4th.

No further information at this time…


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  1. rose day says:

    …calls to mind the ‘security (?) exercises’ in place on 9/11…

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