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Catalonia vs. Spain, MOMENT OF TRUTH: which entity will police protect?

Remember Occupy, back in 2011? How police, in rare instances, actually crossed the line to side with the protestors? Or did they? I tried to find a source for this last statement, but can find nothing! Was this kind of … Continue reading

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GOOD NEWS: A different Trump speaks; New generation of anti-globalist national leaders; external corruption exposed; what about inner corruption? To tackle that project would be the ultimate good news.

I admit it, I’m instinctively “anti-globalist,” at least in the way a unified planet is currently envisaged, as a single centralized police state. Which is why, despite everything, I still tend to “favor” Trump’s (“crazy? or crazy like a fox”) … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village: Harvest news, plus repurposed SWAT tank and tiny shroom altar!

Yet gods, will the surprises around here never end? Apparently not, and that’s just the way we like it: HARVEST NEWS AND MORE: GARDEN TOWER PLANTING, REPURPOSED SWAT TEAM TANK, ARMY/NAVY STORE PURCHASE, DINNER IN THE DARK, AND TINY SHROOM … Continue reading

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Mathew’s Message, October 23, 2017, echoes, in part, the Seth Material

There are times when “channeled” material really hits home. Like the latest Mathew’s Message. His hard-hitting interpretations of Las Vegas shooting, California fires, and Weinstein/pedophilia/satanism, etc. echo what I and other so-called “conspiracy theorists” have both intuited and investigated. Meanwhile, Mathew … Continue reading

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“Jim Carrey”? No longer. The body “has disappeared into a cloud of love and gratitute and energy”

Jim Carrey comes alive in new ways, the universe expressing itself through him, moment by moment by moment. YES! A Beautiful, bewitching Conversation with Jim Carrey Who Has Returned Reborn Excerpt: Literally last night I had trouble sleeping because there’s … Continue reading

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Pedophilia Potpourri: WILCOCK, 4chan, Trump, mind-control, Weinstein, Kathy O’Brien

I just spent much of this morning absorbing David Wilcock’s lengthy new download which summarizes all that he claims has been going on and where we are now in the process of Disclosure. Something Very Big Is Coming, Part II. … Continue reading

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Learning/healing from the inside out: Melissa Dykes, her personal story

Really appreciate this video, and how Melissa Dykes of went right to the heart of the matter, her own failing health and the allopathic methods that were exacerabating it, to begin her journey towards, not just wellness, but seeking … Continue reading

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Colin and me, CE-5 Monthly Group Event: October 21, evening, Brown County Indiana

Son Colin and I attended our first monthly CE-5 group contact event (always held at New Moon, when sky is darkest, and lights can be more readily seen), last night at Jeff and Amy Becker’s homestead in Brown County. Just … Continue reading

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