Kevin Spacey: Is the House of Cards collapsing?

After Hollywood mogul Weinstein, nailed for molesting grown young women, we now have a screen icon nailed for pedophilia by his victim.

We always sensed that this would be the next step. A steep downward step into revelation of the kind of abomination few Americans want to even consider. Most of us are good people; we protect our children. We do not abuse them.

Watching Kevin Spacey play his psychopathic character on House of Cards, I couldn’t help but feel that he was playing himself.  Not surprising, it turns out.

In one swoop, we shift from sexual peckerdillos to pedophilia, by any non-psychopathic measure, an even worse offense.

What next? Satanism, snuff films, human and organ trafficking? All sourced in Hollywood through its famous stars, the spotlight shining bright?

We know about this systematic corruption in Catholicism, in music, in royal families and sports figures, in at least one-third of the government, federal and local (not just politicians but judges too — all held hostage by blackmail and bribery); we know about networks of child trafficking throughout small and large towns of America — and beyond. Is the rot infested American House of Cards collapsing?

Another Hollywood Bombshell: Kevin Spacey Appears to Confess to Sexual Assault of a Child, Comes Out as Gay


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