For your consideration: JFK, Hillary, More Hillary, Pedophilia (Corey Feldman, Daddy Bush),

Oh! what a tangled knot we weave.

When first we practice to deceive.

So much easier to tell the truth! Or rather to at least seek for the truth, and to live it. I’m fortunate to have been born a double-Sagittarian, for whom truth-seeking and truth-telling are not only natural, but essential.¬†

Here are some results of this morning’s search.

Okay, okay, so you “hate” Alex Jones. Well, there are times when I think his instincts right on. For example in this matter of yesterday’s last-minute CIA-forced? pull back from releasing all the remaining JFK documents:

However, it may be that only one paragraph is needed for us to recognize an official conspiracy when we see it. The “lone shooter” narrative, as usual, gets shot down, which means that this televised “wet job” was a set up.

The One Paragraph You Need to Read from The JFK Assasination Files that May Change Everything

Meanwhile, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! Is she being thrown to the wolves by the Deep State? By the Democratic Party? Or do her powers still rival Houdini’s? Can she escape this latest massive call-out of her nefarious ways?

Meanwhile, I’m really impressed with the thrice-daily news compilations from American Intelligence Media, and its “right wing” website Especially love the audios with Thomas Paine and Betsy. Never thought I’d appreciate¬†anything calling itself “right wing,” just like I never thought I’d ever, EVER appreciate anything on Fox News. Until Hannity came along, and Pirro. The world has turned upside down and inside out, and I continue to follow my own instincts. Again, found this on aim4truth, and have just started to listen to it.

Re Corey Feldman. I tend to pay attention to Bombard’s Body Language videos, and found this one even more provocative than usual. Not that I didn’t realize that Corey, by going after money and time before he names Hollywood pedophiles, may have blown his life’s path. Too bad! Mind-controlled?

Finally, found this on fb, with some trenchant comments. Actually, as one noted, groping grown women is one thing, pedophilia another. H.W. Bush is accused of both.

And, as per the final commenter, this episode with Daddy Bush brings us full circle to the original subject of this compilation: JFK’s assasination.

Former Maine Senate Candidate Claims President George W. Bush groped her, brings accused total to four.

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