Catalonia vs. Spain, MOMENT OF TRUTH: which entity will police protect?

Remember Occupy, back in 2011? How police, in rare instances, actually crossed the line to side with the protestors? Or did they?

I tried to find a source for this last statement, but can find nothing! Was this kind of news scrubbed from the net? Oh wait, I did see a contemplation of this idea in, of all places, here in exopermaculture, October 2011:

Let Us Occupy Our Edges

The key is for us to remember: Top-down powers that be always require an armed guard to enforce their rules. Thus, police insurrection can be the moment when everything changes.

From Chris Hedges, The Rules of Revolt

Lesson No. 5. The most potent weapon in the hands of nonviolent rebels is fraternizing with and educating civil servants as well as the police and soldiers, who even though they suffer from the same economic inequality usually are under orders to crush protest. This demands a counterintuitive response from protesters. They must show respect and even compassion to forces deployed to stop the rebellion. Demonstrators are required to exercise tremendous self-discipline as they endure acts of violence and repression. They must refuse to retaliate. If bonds of sympathy are established between protesters and some of the police and soldiers, the ruling elites are unsure whether they can trust the security apparatus to obey. This engenders paralysis within the centers of power.

What now happens in Catalonia may serve as a (failed or successful) template for independence movements everywhere. In this country, these may include Hawaii, Texas, California and “Ecotopia” (Northern California, Oregon and Washington).

If we are to observe boundaries, then let’s make them bioregional — clearly relating to Earth, her forms and processes, rather than the imposed fiction known as “national.” — But even national is better than global!

For example, where I live, in Indiana, sits inside the Ohio Valley bioregion. Would much rather “identify” with that entity, than with the (dis)United States of America.

Ideally, all humans would center within and find their ultimate authority within the intuitive guidance of the higher self or soul. Then, from there, observe widening circles of communication/responsibility/protection: household, family, neighborhood, town, networked towns in a bioregion, networked bioregions, etc. Ultimately, we need to recognize that all power originates from within, in each of us, power from bottom up rather than top down.

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5 Responses to Catalonia vs. Spain, MOMENT OF TRUTH: which entity will police protect?

  1. Ania V.T. says:

    Hello!!! I´m Spanish, and I can think for myself, so, I know EXACTLY what is the matter in this so famous, spread news of my country all over the world. The key for this apparent “revolution” is a gradual process of a brainwashing plan since 1978, when the politic system changed to “democracy”, so that, separatist parties were legal, separatist and… NAZI ideas too, at schools ( some children grew up thinking Catalonia is another country, for example) on the Catalonian TVs… etc. Spain, is the only country in the world where showing OUR FLAG is a…. SIN, unlike showing the ilegal one that have been waved in Catalonia, or others, but people are already getting a life and behaving in a brave way now. Spain is ALL SPANISH PEOPLE not the government, not the corruption, not the monarchy… One more border in our life, is a masochistic idea that don´t solve any problems and voting it, is the same as voting for expropiating some terrain to themselves and the other people, the majority, that DON´T WANT THAT SHIT. Here, there is a good video with English subtitles:

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks so much for an in-country point of view that is totally other than what I had imagined. Very much appreciated.

      • Ania V.T. says:

        Hello, I supose, you know mass media tell a lot of lies, because ,mass media have an OWNER. This high politic operation, has a lot of money behind it, A LOT. Money that is from our TAXES and… from Soros, Bilderber club… etc. This is a hilarious video…. XD XD

  2. Ania V.T. says:

    My comment: ” THANKS, THANKS, AND ALWAYS THANKS. This is a high politic operation to divide common people with the slight difference based on the Catalan language and brainwashing activities since 1978. Next to Catalonia there are other zones, like Valencia and Balear islands, where people speak in Catalan too and there are not any problems. (…) ”

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